Collection: Happy hug: channeled light languages ​​for your animal companions

My specially channeled light languages ​​for animals are the ideal support in everyday life to offer your dear friends harmonious, loving and energetic companionship.

The light languages ​​in this category aim to promote inner balance, cleansing and strengthening for your animal companions. Play the audios to your animals when you feel it would be good for them - be it when they are sick, to calm them down during a thunderstorm or on New Year's Eve, or simply when they need a relaxing break.

Use these unique audio downloads to deepen the bond with your animal friends and lovingly support their energetic resonance. Each title in this collection has been channeled by me to address the specific needs and energies of different animals.

However, you can use all of the light languages ​​I channel for your animal family members - including those that you find in the "Light Dance of the Soul" category.

This category is under construction, just check it out often :-) or subscribe to my newsletter to find out when new lighting languages ​​have been added.

Fröhliche Umarmung: Gechannelte Lichtsprachen für deine tierischen Begleiter