• Spiritual exchange

    Would you like to expand your knowledge and long to broaden your spiritual horizon in a relaxed way? Then this category is the right one for you...

    Here you can apply to me as a student of light or book the spiritual morning or evening talk if I have already accepted you as a student. Just as you like.

    Spiritual exchange 
  • Do you like my offer?

    Are you fascinated by my videos, light languages ​​or services? Would you like to show me your gratitude for this? Then I am happy about your loving gesture. Your appreciation touches my heart and means a lot to me. Many thanks for your support.

    Financial ease for Melanie 
  • Spiritual gift voucher

    With this unique gift you have the opportunity to bring spiritual experiences and adventures into the gray of everyday life and bring great joy to a special person.

    gift card 
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