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Great Phoenix Flight through Time: Session to resolve energetic/karmic connections from past lives + energetic protection - 120 min.

Great Phoenix Flight through Time: Session to resolve energetic/karmic connections from past lives + energetic protection - 120 min.

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The Legend of the Phoenix

The legend of the beautiful firebird, whose name this session bears, is so heartbreaking that I would like to tell you briefly: It is said that once it has reached the end of its life cycle, it flies into the desert to live there prepare for his death. On his way there, he collected valuable resins from various trees, such as: B. Myrrh and frankincense. He places these in a nest made of twigs and cinnamon bark that he built under a date palm at sunset.

As soon as the first rays of sunlight greet its nest and heat the resins, the phoenix flaps its wings hard to light a fire. If it is strong enough, he sits in the blazing fire and burns to ashes. There is three days of mourning among all beings as the wind blows its lament over the dunes... But then, at sunset on the third day, a small worm awakens in the middle of the pile of ash.

Like a caterpillar becoming a butterfly, he quietly and secretly transforms overnight into a beautiful firebird. At the first kiss of the sun, he rises from the ashes and flies over the world to give hope and happiness to all beings who see him. It symbolizes immortality, rebirth and hopeful new beginnings.

And that's exactly where this Phoenix session starts...

Great Phoenix Flight through Time: Unique session for resolving energetic/karmic connections from past lives + energetic protection

All realities, all "times", all lives occur simultaneously. Because time as we perceive it is an illusion. Therefore, your “past” lives can have a direct influence on your current life. Positive and negative. This is usually shown positively by the fact that you, for example, B. have skills that were “innate” to you. The influence of one of your past lives becomes negative when you are so blocked in a certain area that no matter what you try, you can't move forward. But this can also be seen in interpersonal relationships.

If you e.g. For example, if you meet someone aggressively over and over again without anything bad having happened between you before, this is an indication of a negative karmic connection. So as soon as you feel extremely blocked, even feel like you are under a curse, then this session is exactly what you need.

It is also the right session if you can no longer live your life properly because of this blockage because you are just picking up the pieces, your head is spinning and you feel completely lacking in energy due to your situation.

What happens during this session?

In this soothing session I - with the help of my spirits - go into that previous life for you in which your current problem began. There my spirits and I work with that part of your soul that is directly affecting you in your everyday life.

We look at your current situation and resolve the associated issues and resulting difficulties in the long term and also put energetic protection around your aura field so that you can continue on your path in a relaxed manner, free of old burdens. By the way, none other than the Haitian Vodou transformation spirit named Baron Samedi taught me how to travel into past lives to resolve karmic connections there.

Therefore, each Phoenix session is completely unique and cannot be reproduced. Fortunately, a single session is often enough to provide the desired impulses or to make changes or resolutions. Then the domino effect sets in and the stones start rolling in a positive way for you.

What is the difference between this session and the Lightning Phoenix session?

The Lightning Phoenix session is like a spiritual energy boost that is particularly suitable for rapid, energetic transformations. In this intensive yet short session, we focus on the spontaneously arising issues that do not require long analysis but need immediate attention and solutions.

Why Choose the Lightning Phoenix Session:

  • Fast impulses: Perfect for spontaneous topics that require quick solutions.
  • Short talk time: No extensive analyses, but targeted work in a short time.
  • Instant Transformation: For energetic changes without long waiting times.
  • You can find the Lightning Phoenix session here: Express Phoenix Flight
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