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FAQs - Cosmic Contact

When will I get the download?

Once you have completed your order and paid, I will immediately send you a separate email with the download links. For instant payments, you will even see the links directly on the end page (order confirmation page) of this shop.

Right of withdrawal for services & digital products

Digital products, like my exciting audio files, start their journey to you immediately after you pay for your order. By ticking the checkbox at checkout, you agree that your right of withdrawal expires at this moment, as digital downloads are excluded from the right of withdrawal. For my services, the right of withdrawal also expires when the contract has been fully fulfilled, i.e. at the latest when the service has taken place.

Appointments can be canceled free of charge up to 14 days before the appointment. Unfortunately, no refunds are possible after that as your session is an exclusive appointment. But don't worry, if it's really urgent, you can reschedule your appointment up to 48 hours in advance at no additional cost. If an emergency actually arises within 48 hours, we will simply reschedule the appointment. However, I need your information at least 6 hours in advance, so this option should only be used in an emergency.

My business hours and telephone availability

My creative energies are always flowing 😊, but especially intensively for my customers between 9:30 a.m. and 7 p.m. However, due to numerous inspiring coaching sessions and enriching sessions, I am difficult to reach by telephone during this time. If you still want to try to reach me, please call me at 030-24173330. Please note, however, that my phone is switched off during ongoing sessions to ensure a private atmosphere. If you are unable to reach me by phone, I look forward to hearing from you by email to support@cosmic-contact.de.

Difference between sessions and coaching

All sessions have a long, intensive preliminary discussion in which we discuss what is important to you. As soon as we feel that you are ready for energy work, I will energetically immerse myself in your various energy bodies and chakras in order to directly work on the topics described in the respective session. I usually channel a light language during the sessions to activate all of your energy bodies. All sessions are designed for your mental and physical well-being.

My coaching sessions are individually tailored to you, like a tailor-made suit for your needs. No two coaching sessions are the same because everything arises from the moment. This means that you won't find a boring lecture in these coaching sessions, but rather lessons tailored specifically for you that focus entirely on your needs. You don't get any slides or templates. Therefore, you can book the coaching sessions yourself more often on the same topic; you will always learn something new. That's what makes this one so special.

Sessions such as coaching can also be recorded via Skype if you would like a recording.

Where did you get your skills from?

Much of this has been with me since childhood, but I have also learned from my spirits and my galactic team. In 19 years of practice at Nebelduft.de I have developed my skills and now happily share them with my Cosmic Contact customers. Please also read my “About Me” page.

What happens after you order?

After your order, I will send you an order confirmation with all the important information. For booked sessions or coaching sessions that have already been paid for, you can choose a suitable date directly on my scheduling website. For downloads, you will receive them after receipt of payment or even immediately if you pay with PayPal or instant payment.

Where can I find the link to the scheduling page?

I will show you the way to my scheduling page in the order confirmation email. There you can easily select and set a suitable date for your booked sessions or coaching sessions. If you can't find the email immediately, just check your email spam folder for the order confirmation. If it cannot be found, I will be happy to send you the order confirmation again by email. Simply write to me briefly at support@cosmic-contact.de.

How do I register for an appointment?

In the order confirmation email you will find a link to the scheduling page. Clicking on it allows you to select a suitable date for your session or coaching. If you need support, I will be happy to assist you by email at support@cosmic-contact.de. You will also find a video in the fold-out accordion menu on each product page that shows you how to book.

How can I pay you?

In order to offer you the best possible flexibility, the following payment methods are available:

  • prepayment via bank transfer
  • PayPal
  • PayPal Express
  • Visas
  • Mastercard
  • American Express
  • maestro
  • UnionPay
  • Shop Pay
  • Apple Pay
  • Google Pay

This means you can easily choose the option that suits you best.

Do you have any further questions?

I'm here for you! The fastest way to get your questions answered is via email. Just write to me at support@cosmic-contact.de, I'll be happy to help you.

Would you rather make a phone call?

Due to numerous inspiring coaching sessions and enriching sessions, I am usually difficult to reach by phone. If you still want to try to speak to me, please call me on 030-24173330. Please note, however, that my phone is switched off during ongoing sessions to ensure a private atmosphere. I don't have an answering machine, so if I don't answer after 1-2 minutes of ringing, you can just hang up, because when I'm actually available, I'll have the phone within reach.