About me

Melanie Braun Cosmic Contact

Since 2005, I have supported clients from all over the world in magical matters, provided guidance and assistance in my energetic sessions, and crafted enchantments by hand using my own formulas to offer for sale on my online shop, Nebelduft.de.

In the meantime, my personal contact with my star family—beings from space (ET - extraterrestrial beings)—who have been with me since birth, has intensified. We discussed that it is now time to announce my role as a Starseed and ambassador for the Lyran star system (the Lyra constellation) and to share my deep knowledge and resulting wisdom with everyone who wants to learn more about themselves, the universe, our ET friends, and the purpose of their own lives.

My path is now to not only accompany people on their spiritual journey and thus serve as a guide towards the 5th dimension, but also to prepare them for contact with our ET friends, making the upcoming mass landings a fantastic adventure for those who are interested. I am thus a mediator between worlds.

As it had to happen, in 2023, I closed Nebelduft to fully dedicate myself to my greatest joy—serving as an ambassador for the Lyran Collective, a teacher for consciousness expansion, an energy healer, and a channel medium.

Who are the beings from space?

My star family is large. Let me introduce you to a few of them so you get a feel for who I can connect you with if you wish. By the way, I use the English spelling as it's easier to remember.

The Lyrans:
As a Lyran Starseed, I have the closest connection to the Lyrans, especially to Sekhmet—she was my teacher of metaphysics in the 5th dimension on Vega in thousands of my lives there and my closest confidante among the Pleiadians. In this star system, I completed my master's degrees in genetics and alchemy and was also a member of the Royal Family—as the daughter of the Lion King.

I have spent thousands of lives with the Pleiadians, who make up the largest part of my star family. There, I completed my training as a master healer.

I love them; some of my closest spirit guides come from there. There, I took on my role as a mediator between worlds and as a diplomat between ET beings. They are still thrilled with my ability to mediate and were therefore the ones who "put me back in the saddle" to now resume my role here, for which I had decided before my birth.

Some of my star friends come from Arcturus, a star system known for its spirituality. There, according to the Arcturian Council from the 9th dimension, I worked as a jeweler and created jewelry that had a specific frequency to assist beings there in their ascension to higher dimensions.

Crazy? Just wait, this is only the beginning! Because I will gradually tell you more—whether in my videos or in sessions/coachings. Just as you like.

But who am I?

In short: I originally come from the Archangel Michael Collective. Then, when I could compress my soul enough to fit it into a physical body, I incarnated into the Lyra star system and spent thousands of lives there.

That's why I am considered here on Earth as a Starseed from the Lyra star system. There, I acted as a master alchemist, master geneticist, and world architect.

Then I incarnated in many other star systems—spent many lives as a diplomat in Andromeda, allowed every conceivable form of love into my heart on Alpha Centauri, spent many, many lives as a tree-humanoid in Cassiopeia discovering my love for plants, swam in the waters of Sirius B with my water friends, learned various healing methods over thousands of lives with the Pleiadians, fought in the famous Orion Wars against the Empire, meditated and developed my deep spiritual abilities on Arcturus, and acted as a spirit guide for my soul family members between lives...

My abilities to see beyond the veil, to heal, and to perform things that seem magical to others, I have developed over millions of years in other star systems—just like you.

Because you too are a Starseed.

I love awakening your own spiritual abilities, awakening the memory of who you really are. Bringing you into your inherent power, reawakening your ancient knowledge that lies dormant within you, assisting you in your ascent to the 5th dimension.

That I can do this more effectively than ever before—

I have founded Cosmic Contact, making it the very first online store in all of Europe that gives people the opportunity to truly prepare themselves for their own face-to-face contact with beings from space through my sessions and coachings. Because the contact will happen. At least by the time of the mass landings in a few years. They are coming to accompany us on our journey to the 5th dimension.

My coachings and sessions will help you expand your consciousness so that your ascent becomes a truly fantastic adventure.

My sessions, light languages, and coachings will help you become the best version of yourself!

I am ready to take you into a world more magical and fantastic than you could ever imagine in your wildest dreams.

Are you brave enough to follow me?