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Stardust and Earth Life: Explore your complete self - session including light language - 60 min.

Stardust and Earth Life: Explore your complete self - session including light language - 60 min.

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Before you read on, just take a moment and watch my insightful video , which you can find next to the article image. In this video you can feel whether the session I lead resonates with your inner being and whether it is right for you.

Stardust and Earth Life: Explore Your Complete Self


Welcome to this unique session that will guide you through the multi-layered story of your soul, rooted in both the stars and the Earth . Are you ready to discover the mysteries of your existence and explore the undiscovered gifts that lie deep within you?

Cosmic and earthly connections

Who were you in other lives, on other planets and here on Earth? What hidden abilities and gifts did you bring with you from these experiences that are now waiting to be awakened? This session will help you untangle the cosmic threads that connect your destiny to the universe.

Strengths and challenges

During our time together, we will explore your strengths and identify challenges that may be holding you back in this or other lives. How do these elements affect your current relationships and decisions? What can you do to break these patterns and reach your full potential?

Questions that can be clarified

What are the key issues your soul wants to work through in this lifetime? Are there recurring patterns you need to recognize and resolve? How can you establish a deeper connection to your cosmic origins and integrate this wisdom into your daily life?

Light Language Activation

What is particularly unique about this session is the channeling of the Language of Light, which is specifically designed to activate your Starseed DNA . This ancient, cosmic language supports you in accessing deeply hidden aspects of your being and promotes a deeper connection to your cosmic origins.

To deepen the effect of the session and offer you lasting support, I will record the light language and make it available to you as an MP3 for download within one day of our session. This way you can experience the healing frequencies again at any time and continue your transformation independently.

Duration of the session

This profound session lasts 1 hour , during which we will explore both cosmic and earthly issues of your soul and gain deep insights into your true self . Every moment of this hour is designed to bring you closer to your core and give you clarity about your soul profile .

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