Collection: Galactic Rendezvous: Preparing to meet your alien friends from distant worlds. - 60 min coaching

Embark on a fascinating journey into the vastness of space and feel the deep connection to our alien friends from distant galaxies. Your deepest wish to finally meet her in person may be within reach! But before you embark on this galactic adventure, there are some important preparations to make.

Our extraterrestrial friends exist at an extremely high frequency, and a spontaneous meeting could therefore be physically, psychologically and mentally overwhelming for you.

To ensure that this doesn't happen, there are mediators between the worlds. I already have ET contact (will say more when the time comes) and can therefore prepare you step by step for your own meeting.

Do you dare to touch the stars? Your journey never ends, decide for yourself how far you want to go. The doors are open…

Eine Pleiadianische Außerirdische in einem goldenen Raumschiff