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Galactic Rendezvous: Preparation for the encounter with your extraterrestrial friends - Coaching - 60 min.

Galactic Rendezvous: Preparation for the encounter with your extraterrestrial friends - Coaching - 60 min.

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Galactic Rendezvous: Preparing to meet our alien friends

Embark on a fascinating journey into the vastness of space and feel the deep connection to our alien friends from distant galaxies. Your deepest wish to finally meet her in person may be within reach! But before you embark on this galactic adventure, there are some exciting preparations to make. Our extraterrestrial friends exist at an astonishingly high frequency, and a spontaneous meeting could be physically, psychologically and mentally overwhelming for you.

To ensure that this doesn't happen, there are mediators between the worlds. I am a starseed from the Lyra star system and already have regular ET contact (more on that when the time comes) so I can prepare you step by step for your own meeting. Do you dare to touch the stars? Your journey never ends, decide for yourself how far you want to go. The doors are open... ✨ Discover the fascinating diversity of the ET races that populate the universe in this breathtaking coaching!

Discover a world full of secrets and captivating revelations about entities from the far corners of the galaxy. Experience the majestic Lyrans, who touch the heart with their sublime presence. Feel the attraction of the water world of Sirius B, which sends your imagination on a journey with its mysterious aura. Marvel at the colorful and peacock-like creatures of Alpha Centauri, whose beauty exceeds the imagination. But that's not all - the mysterious Zetas will captivate you and captivate you with questions about their origins and intentions.

Journey on to the wonderful inhabitants of Sirius A who, with their wisdom and kindness, seem to understand the essence of the universe... Each of these alien races carries a unique story and wisdom waiting to be discovered by you. In this coaching you will delve into the depths of their fascinating beings and let yourself be enchanted by their stories. But that's not all! Also explore why extraterrestrial beings are interested in us and what their connection to our DNA is.

Immerse yourself in the fascinating hybrid children's program and find out whether you might be part of it. Alien abductions are also covered to provide clarity. You can also expect exciting insights into frequencies and vibrations that are important for initial contact. You will learn how to raise your own frequency and prepare yourself for this extraordinary event with your shadow work.

You will also learn how to call UFOs and ask the night sky to show themselves to you. You'll learn to tell the difference between UFOs and satellites and you'll be amazed at the fascinating discoveries that await you.

Can I learn everything in a single 60 minute coaching session?

No, because the topics we will explore are so diverse and deep that it is not possible to discuss them all at once. For this reason, I recommend that you turn this into an exciting coaching series by treating yourself to galactic rendezvous coaching again and again.

In every coaching session, we focus on the topics that are currently important to you and continually expand your knowledge. You will receive exercises and/or homework if you wish, as active participation is key to establishing contact. Let's embark on this fascinating journey into the infinity of the stars together!

Your 60 minute coaching:

The price you see here includes an intensive coaching session lasting 60 minutes. You let me know right at the beginning whether you would simply like to find out more about our extraterrestrial friends without seeking personal contact or whether you would like to have one-to-one initial contact.

Depending on how you decide, the coaching will proceed. Do you just want to have exciting information as described above? In this case, one or two coaching sessions will be enough to enrich you with compelling information. However, are you looking for actual one-on-one contact with our ET friends? Then it makes sense to book additional coaching sessions in the future, because a single coaching appointment will definitely not be enough to fully prepare you for the ET contact.

It takes hard work, time and dedication to transform yourself internally and energetically so that contact can actually take place. That's why I recommend that you book several coaching sessions one at a time in order to get closer to your goal step by step. However, you alone decide how far you want to go. You therefore completely determine the frequency of our Skype meetings yourself. You have complete freedom to book the coaching as often as it suits you.

No pressure, no obligations, just pure curiosity and a desire to discover. Book your first coaching now and immerse yourself in a world full of secrets, adventures and wonderful encounters. The stars are waiting for you!

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