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For your animal darling! Personal Light Code Transfer - Audio Download without Session

For your animal darling! Personal Light Code Transfer - Audio Download without Session

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For your animal darling!

A personal light code transmission, created exclusively for his individual needs. In this special audio file you can expect a language of light that has been channeled specifically for your loved one.

You determine the purpose of the light language or leave the decision to the beings from the highest dimensions as to which light codes they would like to transmit. Just as you like. In this case, the higher beings will intuitively determine what your animal friend needs most at the moment.

The audio file has the title of the selected request so that you know exactly which light the higher dimensions have chosen for your animal. Treat your loved one to this unique language of light and let the higher dimensions bring them into a sense of well-being.

Which animal can benefit from this?

Every animal, even if it has no ears, feels the frequencies and vibrations of the light language, so this light language is also suitable for animals that, for example, B. cannot hear, such as B. a spider.

How should I give my animal the shot and how often?

Just let them walk near the animal. You don't have to run it loud, a normal volume is enough. Let it run until the animal shows that it no longer wants to hear the light language (e.g. leaves the room or moves away from the loudspeaker).

Run the file several times a day, you will feel when it is enough.

Depending on the nature of your animal friend, the light language could have a very good effect in the following situations:

  • Calming in exciting times (New Year's Eve, lots of visitors, etc.)
  • Comforting in times of loneliness or loss
  • Relaxation after vet visits
  • Promote calmness during car journeys
  • Support regeneration after illness
  • Strengthening strength and resilience
  • Promoting restful sleep
  • Stimulating the self-healing powers of illnesses
  • Releasing energetic blockages
  • Freeing from external energies
  • Stimulating the appetite
  • Awakening of happiness, lightness and joy of life
  • Promoting contact with entities from higher dimensions

What are you getting?

An exclusive audio file in the form of a download link with a light code transmission channeled specifically for your pet. The recording takes between 7 and 12 minutes so that your animal can connect deeply with the energies. The light code transmission is accompanied by soothing meditation music that not only reaches the ears but also the heart of your loved one. If you want, I can also provide you with this file as a longer loop. I can set up to 30 minutes for you - with a small additional charge.

That's how it's done:

Simply let me know in the comments field in the star basket area what the light language can do for your loved one and, if desired, which being should be channeled.

Treat your animal friend to the beneficial power of light language!

In the menu below you will find all the details that were written specifically for personal light language recordings for us humans. However, the process remains the same, so I've added the information here.

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