Collection: Like being born again: Star sessions to dissolve foreign energies and karmic entanglements

Discover the transformative power of these wonderful star sessions! The "Phoenix Flight Through Time" is my clients' undisputed favorite. This session not only offers release from karmic entanglements from past lives, but also serves as a powerful tool to break free from curses. Dive into the depths of your past and allow this session to free you from old energies while creating a clear alignment for your own vibration.

The second session, "Energetic Cleansing," is like a refreshing breeze for your energy field. It clears your auric field and energy bodies of any foreign energies that may have lodged there. This session creates a clear energy field so that your own energy is restored to a harmonious flow.

Experience the deep liberation and purification that these sessions offer and return to your authentic energy!

Wie neugeboren: Sternensitzungen zur Auflösung von Fremdenergien und karmischen Verstrickungen