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I love you: Security and well-being for stressed dogs - Light Language Audio Download

I love you: Security and well-being for stressed dogs - Light Language Audio Download

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Security and well-being for stressed dogs

This sensitive language of light, transmitted by Lyran the Cat Fairy Sulva, is a tender gift of healing and comfort for your loyal four-legged companion.

In the turbulent moments of a dog's life, when stress and fear arise, Sulva's light language proves to be a shining beacon of hope. It hugs your furry friend's soul with tender light codes, reminds them that everything will be okay and provides comfort and lightness in difficult times.

Before or after visits to the vet, in moments of restlessness or physical discomfort, this gentle language of light unfolds its magical effect. It stimulates your four-legged friend's natural self-healing powers, envelops him in peace and security and thus enables profound relaxation. It can therefore also be used wonderfully as a supplementary measure to veterinary treatment.

This beautiful language of light is embedded in a 19-minute loop to develop its full effect. Place it near your beloved pooch and let it play for as long as it suits him. Experience has shown that the animals lie down comfortably and fall asleep peacefully while Sulva's light language gently envelops them.

This loving language of light is accompanied by light, fairy-like harp music to further promote relaxation for your loved one.

Audio file duration: 19 minutes

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