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Star Frequency: Your personal light language as an audio download

Star Frequency: Your personal light language as an audio download

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Your very personal light language:

Do you want a unique transmission of light codes created exclusively for you? A light language channeled specifically for your needs?

In this special offer you can expect a download link of a light language audio file that has been channeled exclusively for you and your personal concerns.

You not only have the opportunity to determine what purpose the light language should fulfill in your life, but also which spiritual beings I can contact for you. You can find the list of possible beings I can channel further down in this post.

Of course, you can also leave the decision to the higher dimensions and allow yourself to be surprised - without naming a specific concern or being. In this case, the higher beings will intuitively determine what you need at the moment. You will see from the file title which concern was chosen by the beings.

Treat yourself to this unique language of light and let yourself be guided by the higher dimensions.

For what concerns can a light language be used?

Opening up to a transmission of light codes can bring about significant changes in your life. It has an impact in a variety of areas:

  • Activation of your DNA
  • Deepening your connection to your higher self, oversoul and source
  • Strengthening your “I am” presence
  • Realignment at the deepest soul level
  • Regeneration and renewal at the cellular level
  • Strength and resilience during and after challenging times
  • Inspiration for your path
  • Revealing hidden abilities
  • Access to sacred knowledge - energetic healing work
  • Healing the inner child
  • Quick transformation in deadlock situations
  • Dissolving energetic blockages
  • Liberation from limiting belief patterns
  • Strengthening your intuition
  • Awakening spiritual skills such as clairvoyance and clairsentience
  • Insight into past incarnations
  • Resolving karmic issues
  • Discovering your divine purpose
  • Calm in turbulent times
  • Awakening of happiness, lightness and joy of life
  • Contact with entities from higher dimensions

As you can see, a light code transmission can do a lot of good, and this list is just a start...

I am currently channeling: Archangel Michael, Mother Earth, Pleiadians, The Lyran Collective, Feline Lyrans, My Feline Lyran Fairy named Sulva, Soma a female whale from Sirius B (one of my soul family members), Arcturians, Andromeda, Sirians, Cassiopeia, Alpha Centauri, Blue Avians, Sekhmet, Yeshua, The Creators, The Shaman, My Higher Self

What are you getting?

An exclusive audio file of a light code transmission channeled specifically for you and your concerns. The length of the entire audio recording will be between 7 and 12 minutes, giving you time to connect deeply with the energies. Your unique light code transmission will be accompanied by beautiful meditation music that will reach not only your ears but also your heart.

This is how you let me know your request:

Very uncomplicated: In the comments field in the star basket area you can tell me in a few sentences for which concern you would like to channel my light language and which being should be channeled for you. If you want, I can also provide you with this file as a longer loop. I can set up to 30 minutes for you - with a small additional charge.

If you do not specify a specific being, I will let the beings from the highest dimensions choose who would like to be present for your transmission. Your energy and intention will lead the way.

Let yourself be carried by the healing power of the language of light!

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