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Sun in the heart: Coaching for a breath of fresh air for spiritual frustration - 60 min.

Sun in the heart: Coaching for a breath of fresh air for spiritual frustration - 60 min.

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Sun in the heart: Coaching for a breath of fresh air when faced with spiritual frustration

This individual coaching brings a breath of fresh air into your spiritual adventure! Everyone has experienced it - you would like to develop spiritually, but you just can't get any further.

You attend workshops, retreats and countless spiritual sessions - from satsangs to hypnosis courses to the most colorful Wicca annual festivals. You'll try out Zen meditation, immerse yourself in Buddhist contemplation and much more. The list seems endless. What remains of all the experiences? A beautiful memory of exotic scents, interesting encounters, exciting teaching material...

and an underlying feeling of sadness and dissatisfaction. Because you didn't find what you were looking for. Because your soul path is still unclear and the feeling of never being able to achieve your dreams of spiritual growth and self-discovery is getting stronger and stronger. You just can't find your place and are spiritually frustrated. In the midst of all these wonderful courses, you feel like a spiritual prune and completely untalented.

That's enough of that!

A breath of fresh air and new inspiration - this coaching awaits you:

😊 New momentum and inspiration: Together we will bring fresh energy into your spiritual life. You will finally find new inspiration to follow your path with ease and enthusiasm.

😊 Wonderful insights into your spiritual growth: You will gain deep insights into your spiritual development that will give you clarity about your path.

😊 Joy and clarity on your spiritual path: You will experience the joy and clarity that allows you to pursue your own spiritual path with ease.

😊 19 years of experience in spiritual development: With my decades of experience working with people in different spiritual stages, I am able to respond to your individual needs.

😊 Support from my galactic team: During our session I will be energetically connected to my galactic team. This connection to my star family allows us to receive specific hints, tips and tricks for your personal spiritual growth.

😊 Individually channeled light language (optional): A highlight of this session is the light language channeled individually for you, which raises your vibration and enables you to take the first step towards a higher frequency.

😊 Raising your vibrational frequency: This increased vibrational frequency will help you to more easily implement what has been discussed and apply it to your life.

😊 Easier to implement what was discussed: With the increased vibration frequency and the information received, it will be easier for you to put the insights from the coaching into action.

😊 Option to record the light language with meditation music: If you want, we can record the light language and add beautiful meditation music.

😊 Audio download for repeated use: You will receive an audio download via a Dropbox link so that you can use the light language again and again and benefit from its powerful effects.

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