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Overcoming self-sabotage, releasing blockages: Coaching for inner freedom and self-realization - 60 min.

Overcoming self-sabotage, releasing blockages: Coaching for inner freedom and self-realization - 60 min.

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Overcoming self-sabotage, releasing blockages: coaching including light language activation (optional) for inner freedom and self-realization - 60 min.

In a world where the ego often blocks our path and screams louder than the quiet, wise voice of our soul, I invite you on a journey to your inner being. Why do we sabotage ourselves?

This question accompanies many of us on the path of personal growth. From my own experience and observation, I can say that it is often our ego that prevents us from developing our full potential. The ego, which originally had the task of acting as a filter and forming images from frequencies and vibrations, has developed its own consciousness in the course of our evolution. You could also call it your “Little Self.”

It tends to harbor limited thought patterns, fears, doubts, and beliefs that keep us from moving forward. However, the good news is that there are ways to recognize and transform our ego so that it no longer sabotages us. In this 60-minute session, you will not only learn ways to achieve your goals and dreams, but also how to lovingly put your ego in its place without letting it feel insulted.

In this coaching you will:

🌟 Learn to identify your self-sabotage patterns: We will find out how your ego hinders your goals and what mechanisms it uses to keep you small.

🌟 Understand what the ego is: You will understand how it influences your decisions and how you can bring it into harmony with your soul.

🌟 Experience the strengthening of your inner intuition: You will learn to perceive, understand and trust the quiet, wise voice of your soul.

🌟 Learn practical techniques for calming your ego: You will learn ways to lovingly calm your ego and create space for spiritual development.

🌟 Receive your personal light language activation (optional): There is a very special highlight in this session: you will receive a light language channeled individually for you. This powerful light language is designed to raise your vibration and calm your ego so that you can walk your spiritual path with ease and joy. This light language activation will also make it easier for you to implement and apply everything discussed for yourself.

If you want, we can even record this light language and I will add beautiful meditation music to it for you. I'll then send you the audio download via a Dropbox link so you can use it again and again.

This coaching offers you the opportunity to take your personal development to a new level and finally overcome your self-sabotage. Give your soul a voice and experience your personal growth, accompanied by individually channeled light language audio that supports your transformation!"

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