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Your Personal Light Language Video Recording

Your Personal Light Language Video Recording

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Your Personal Light Language Video Recording:

Do you want a custom transmission of light codes created and recorded just for you? Imagine not only hearing your personal light language but also experiencing it visually – in a video specifically channeled for your spiritual needs.

What Does Light Language Do?

The transmission of light codes can create profound changes in your life. It can activate your DNA, deepen your connection to your Higher Self and the Source, and strengthen your “I Am” presence. It also supports you through challenging times, promotes inner child healing, dissolves energetic blockages, and frees you from limiting beliefs. These healing frequencies can enhance your intuition, give you access to hidden knowledge, help you discover your divine purpose, and much, much more...

What Do You Receive?

You will receive an exclusive video in which I channel a personalized light language for you directly based on your intentions. In this video, I connect with your chosen or intuitively chosen higher beings to deliver a light language attuned specifically for you. During the channeling, these beings influence my facial expressions and body, allowing you to sense their presence while receiving energy through my hands.

This profound connection enables a powerful energetic transmission tailored specifically for you. The video provides not only a visual representation of your individual light language but is also accompanied by soothing meditation music to encourage a deeply energetic experience. Since creating such a video, including filming, editing, and adding music, requires significant effort, this service is priced accordingly.

This investment will allow you to have a much more intense and personal experience. The video will be uploaded to my YouTube channel for storage but is not publicly accessible. You will receive a personal link that ensures only you have access and can securely watch your video anytime.

Optional: An Additional Energy Transmission Within the Video

Additionally, you have the option to include an energy transmission, which I perform immediately after the light language channeling and record in the video. Even as a recording, this transmission remains highly effective since energy isn't bound by time or space. The intention and energetic connection set during the recording enable the energy transmission across time and distance.

You can easily add this extra energy transmission via the selection box when booking your video.

Where and How Will You Receive Your Video?

For storage reasons, your personal video will be uploaded to my YouTube channel. No worries – it's not publicly accessible. You will receive a personal link, ensuring only you have access to securely watch your video anytime without others seeing it.

How to Share Your Request:

Simply write your intention for the light language and the being you want to be channeled in the note field at checkout. If no specific being is mentioned, I will let the higher-dimensional beings choose who will be present for your transmission. Your energy and intention will lead the way. I will let you know in the video who came through me and what else this light language can do for you.

Let the healing power of visual light language carry you, and experience how profound this can be!

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