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Letting Go in Love: Comfort and Spiritual Healing in Times of Grief - 90 min session

Letting Go in Love: Comfort and Spiritual Healing in Times of Grief - 90 min session

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Before you read on, just take a moment and watch my insightful video , which you can find next to the article image. In this video you can feel whether the session I lead resonates with your inner being and whether it is right for you.

Letting go in love: comfort and spiritual healing in times of grief - 90 min. session with comforting light language (optional)

In times of grief, whether it is the loss of a loved one or a loyal animal companion, we can sometimes feel lost and hurt. But there is a deeper, spiritual dimension of understanding that can help you overcome your grief and find inner peace again.

In this unique session, I will lovingly accompany you on a journey of understanding and healing. Together we will delve into the spiritual background of the death of your beloved soul. You will have the opportunity to understand why the soul of your loved one or animal decided to leave the earth. Every soul has its own unique journey, and I will help you to understand this deep spiritual meaning.

During this session I will work on you energetically to bring your chakras and energy bodies back into balance. This will help you to go through the grieving process more easily and find inner peace. At the end of this session I will channel a personal and comforting light language for you through Archangel Michael (optional).

This powerful light language will be recorded and provided with beautiful musical accompaniment within three days. I will then send you a Dropbox download link so that you can listen to this recording at any time. This special light language will not only help you to accept and process what has been discussed, but it will also give you new courage and joy. It will help you to return to your life and rediscover the love and beauty that still exists in you and around you.

Objectives of the meeting:

- Understanding the spiritual background of the death of your beloved soul. - Accelerating the grieving process through loving understanding. - Rediscovering joy and courage in life.

Who is this session suitable for:

This session is for anyone who wants to find the deep spiritual meaning behind a loss. People who are looking for comfort, understanding and the strength to start a new chapter in their lives will benefit from this session. I am here to accompany you on this spiritual path and to give you light in times of grief. You are not alone and I am here to support you lovingly.

Can this session also be held on behalf of someone else?

No, not in this case, please book the: Phoenix Flight Through Time Session

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