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Freedom through abundance: coaching for financial ease - 60 min.

Freedom through abundance: coaching for financial ease - 60 min.

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Freedom through abundance: Coaching for financial ease including light language activation (optional) - 60 min.

This session brings you back to yourself, back to positivity, back to your own power. We have all been conditioned since our first step on this earth to fit into our society. We have learned how to behave in order to receive love and recognition. Our educational system has steered us in the right direction to fit well into the social fabric.

But sometimes our true nature, our core essence, falls by the wayside, and this is not only noticeable on the inside, but is also reflected on the outside. The multitude of these conditionings often makes it difficult for us to accept ourselves as we are. As a result, we live our lives in a way that does not nourish us and does not give us the warmth and support we need. We sometimes unconsciously choose partnerships that are not good for us, work in jobs that we do not enjoy, and maintain friendships that do not influence us positively.

These effects can have a huge impact on our financial well-being because money is a form of energy. If our energy flow is blocked, the flow of money can also stop and we experience a feeling of lack. But there is an opportunity to release these patterns and reprogram to bring abundance back into our lives.

💰 In this coaching session you can expect:

💲 Self-knowledge : We shed light on why certain life situations have arisen and what valuable messages they have in store for your soul.

💲 Value recognition : My goal is to promote your own appreciation in order to enable financial ease and create a fulfilling life.

💲 Dissolving hindering patterns : Through our conversation alone, conditioning and hindering patterns that have influenced your life so far are dissolved.

💲 Light language activation (optional) : A transformative light language activation lets you leave the session with more lightness and joy of life. It opens up new opportunities, especially in the financial area.

💲 Audio download : If you like, I will record the light language for you. I will then add beautiful meditation music to it and send you the audio download via a Dropbox link. This way you can activate your money flow again and again.

💲 Designing your life : Our session will remind you that you have the freedom to design your life. Your individual path is of utmost importance, and I would be happy to support you in developing yourself in the best possible way.

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