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Soul Melody Light Language – Remember your true self - Audio Download

Soul Melody Light Language – Remember your true self - Audio Download

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Soul Melody Light Language – Remember your true self - Audio Download

Have you ever heard of the wonderful tradition of primal civilizations where each person has their own soul melody? This unique melody is sung by the community to remind someone of who they really are, especially when they have strayed from their true self.

The Soul Melody Light Language brings this powerful and healing practice to you. This special sound experience helps you to remember who you really are and connects you with your inner melody to reopen your heart and energy system.

What is a light language?

The transmission of light codes can bring about profound changes in your life. It can activate your DNA , deepen your connection to your higher self and source, and strengthen your "I am" presence. It also offers support in challenging times, promotes the healing of your inner child, releases energetic blockages , and frees you from limiting belief patterns. These healing frequencies can strengthen your intuition, give you access to hidden knowledge, help you discover your divine destiny, and much, much more.

What can you expect?

  • Deep energetic healing: The frequencies of the soul melody light language work on an energetic level and bring harmony and balance to your energy system.
  • Remembering your true self: By activating your soul melody, you remember who you really are and find your way back to inner peace.
  • Heart opening: Feel your heart opening and reconnecting with your essence and universal love.

Your journey to yourself

The soul melody changes over time as the soul gains experience and thereby continually increases its frequency. To ensure that this recording always remains effective, even after your soul melody has changed slightly, the soul melody is woven into the light language in this light language recording. In this way, the light language carries the soul melody and therefore always remains effective.

During your spiritual journey, your soul has visited all star systems and thereby woven its soul melody from all star systems . Therefore, for this light language, I channel all high frequency beings from our multiverse. You will therefore hear tone and frequency changes within the recording that reflect the diverse experiences of your soul.

It is important to understand that the soul melody is not the same as your own soul sound, which represents you as your soul in the multiverse and is only a single tone. However, you can only experience this tone from your spirit guides after ascending to the 5th dimension.

Let yourself be carried by the healing sounds of your soul melody and find your way back to yourself!

If you want, I can also provide you with this file as a longer loop. I can set up up to 30 minutes for you - for a small additional charge.

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