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Everything is going well! Archangel Michael's soothing light language for confidence - MP3 Download

Everything is going well! Archangel Michael's soothing light language for confidence - MP3 Download

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Everything is going well! Archangel Michael's soothing light language for confidence

The power of confidence

Confidence means being completely convinced that everything will be fine. That your dreams and hopes will definitely come true, no matter how things may look at the moment. When you are confident, you simply assume that everything that is happening will happen in your favor, that everything, really EVERYTHING, is happening to your advantage.

In this way, you transform so-called "problems" into challenges and can therefore face them positively. This confidence means that you - as the creator of your own reality - will automatically slide into a reality that will ensure a good outcome for your situation, regardless of what the current "facts" say. In short: Confidence means knowing that everything is exactly right as it is and that every situation happens to your advantage.

Everyday life usually looks different, the bills pile up, you feel misunderstood at work or can't cope with yourself and your own feelings, you feel like you can't breathe because of all the pressure, you have no idea how to continue and the future is bleak to say the least. You just want to cry or scream or both out of grief. You know yourself that these lists only describe a tiny part of it and you could certainly continue them ad infinitum.

Archangel Michael’s support

This is exactly why I asked Archangel Michael for help. His light language feels like a gentle angelic hug . It gives you that warm, cozy feeling of security and that " everything will be OK ". Michael's light code transmission helps you to transform negative emotions such as fear, self-doubt, anger or hopelessness into confidence . You know Archangel Michael is there for you, and this trust and knowledge that you are not alone , that you have strong non-physical helpers at your side, is reinforced by Michael in this transmission.

This wonderfully calming Light Language Transmission is accompanied by quiet rain and gentle meditation music, which will help you to achieve the necessary relaxation so that the Light Codes can work on, in and with you on a quantum level.

How and when to listen

It is best to listen to this beneficial transmission in a relaxed state so that Michael's light codes can take effect. Just make sure you give yourself these 12 minutes of time so that you can then tackle your everyday life with confidence.

About the recording

Michael begins his broadcast relatively loudly and then gets quieter and quieter, until in the end his voice almost blends in with the background music and the rain. That is his intention.

Duration of the audio file: 12 minutes

Digital MP3 file – Accessible via secure link

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