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Chin up, everything will be fine! Light language for energetic stabilization in times of crisis - Lyrans - Andromeda - Audio Download

Chin up, everything will be fine! Light language for energetic stabilization in times of crisis - Lyrans - Andromeda - Audio Download

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Chin up, everything will be fine! Light language for energetic stabilization in times of crisis

Emotional and physical crises can hit us suddenly and turn our lives upside down. These crises are often the result of stressful life events, unresolved trauma or ongoing stress. Emotionally, they can manifest themselves in the form of anxiety, depression, grief or constant restlessness. Physically, they can manifest as chronic pain, exhaustion, insomnia or other health problems. The symptoms are often linked both emotionally and physically, as the body and mind are inextricably linked.

Support in times of crisis

This powerful language of light supports you in times of crisis to regain your footing and feel the ground beneath your feet. Its loving energy helps you to find inner peace and gain clarity so that you can take the next necessary steps in your healing process.

Enjoy the loving support of this light language activation and find energetic stability and inner peace. Ideal for times of uncertainty and transformation to reconnect with your inner wisdom and strength.

The healing energies of Lyra and Andromeda

This light language was transmitted by the majestic cat beings of the Lyra star system, the Lyrans. Among them are the loving Egyptian Lyran goddess Sekhmet and my lion king father from the 5th dimension. In addition, the high-frequency beings of Andromeda have logged in to gently reprogram your energy field with their code-like light codes. This energetic reprogramming enables you to receive higher frequencies and stabilize your energy field.

How does this light transmission help you?

Gentle Energetic Stabilization: This light language supports you in a loving way to stabilize and balance your energy field so that you can keep a clear head and act calmly in times of crisis.

Receiving higher frequencies: The light codes of Andromeda and the healing energies of the Lyrans raise the frequency of your energy field and open your energy system to bring more light and high frequencies into your life. This will finally change things for the better.

Deep relaxation: Beautiful piano music and gentle birdsong accompany this beautiful language of light and promote deep, calming relaxation.

Transformation and healing: Energetic reprogramming helps you gently release blockages and develop your full potential.

Duration of the audio file: 6:33 min.

Application and effect

Just take a moment of peace, sit in a peaceful place, close your eyes and let yourself be embraced by the gentle sounds and the healing language of light.

You can find more information about how light languages ​​work and how you can best listen to a light language in my booklet "Languages ​​of Light". This eBook offers you valuable insights and practical instructions to make the most of the power of light languages. Click here to access the booklet .

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