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Star whispers: Holistic bundle for your personal ET contact - Downloads

Star whispers: Holistic bundle for your personal ET contact - Downloads

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Discover the universe and its infinite possibilities with this lovingly compiled bundle that I have specially designed to give you the opportunity to not only establish but also intensify and deepen your contact with extraterrestrial civilizations.

This holistic package opens the gates to your personal spiritual expansion and offers you the opportunity to connect with high vibrational entities from higher dimensions and star systems. In short - it paves the way for you to finally be able to meet your star family.

In addition to energetic healing and activation of your Starseed DNA, the bundle also includes a magical dream journey through the rainforest that connects you with the vitalizing light language of Alpha Centauri.

Additionally, a 10% voucher for a fascinating session to prepare for contact with your alien friends enriches this offer.

Enjoy your profound transformation on your journey to self-discovery and universal connection while exploring the beauty and abundance of the cosmos.

In this bundle you will find:

  1. Your Star Portal : A wonderful light language with the Arcturians and Lyrans that cleanses your energy system and prepares it for contact with ETs.

  2. Returning to the Stars : Awaken your Sirius DNA with this light language and dive deep into the underwater worlds of Soma the Whale to experience refreshment and empowerment.

  3. Embraced by Light : A gentle activation of your Arcturian DNA through the light language of the loving Arcturian Council, giving you security and a deeper spiritual connection.

In addition to these loving light languages, you will receive:

  • Fantasy journey - rainforest dreams : A cosmic journey through the rainforest, with the vitalizing light language of Alpha Centauri that nourishes and revitalizes your soul.
  • A 10% discount voucher for the “Galactic Rendezvous” coaching session, regardless of the price chosen for this session - PDF download: To optimally prepare you for the encounter with your extraterrestrial friends.

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