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Off to abundance! Light Language for Happy Money Rain - Sulva, Lyran Cat Fairy - Audio Download

Off to abundance! Light Language for Happy Money Rain - Sulva, Lyran Cat Fairy - Audio Download

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Off to abundance! Light language for happy rain of money - Sulva, Lyran cat fairy

Understanding the magic of money

Who doesn't want it? Having money in abundance, being able to pay every bill, being able to afford unlimited things you can imagine? Money is nothing more than manifested energy, and energy exists in abundance for all of us once we open ourselves to it and focus on the abundance that surrounds us.

The support of the nature spirits

Fairies and elves symbolize the abundance of nature, our earth, our universe. That's why I asked Sulva, my cat fairy from the Lyra star system, for a light language that specifically represents abundance, the unlimited flow of money. The light codes conveyed in this cheerful light language will turn the switch towards abundance and prosperity for you if you allow it.

Overcome your blockages

They give you all the information you need to open up to the abundance in your life and admit that you are worthy of living a happy, financially rich life. Because we often block ourselves, have belief patterns that relate to the lack in our lives, or that make us believe that we don't deserve abundance, etc.

Let the language of light work for you

Listen to this happy language of light as often as possible and let my little fairy do her work on you! It can also simply be listened to at the same time if you can't take the time to open up to it in a relaxed manner. This magical light language is carried by birdsong and gentle piano music. 😊

Audio file duration: 9 minutes

The perfect harmony - your ideal complements

Would you like to further intensify the effect of the light language presented here on all levels – emotional, mental and spiritual? Then the combination with these specially selected light languages ​​is just right for you. They act like a key that not only increases your frequency, but also opens up an even deeper level of experience. Together, these light languages ​​create a powerful synergy that enriches your spiritual journey and takes it to a whole new level.

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