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Light Source of Calm: Holistic Bundle for Deep Relaxation and Rest - Downloads

Light Source of Calm: Holistic Bundle for Deep Relaxation and Rest - Downloads

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I designed this holistic bundle for you with a lot of dedication and love to enable you to experience deep relaxation and harmonization on all levels of your being.

It contains light languages ​​that you can use at any time to connect with the universal energies of the cosmos. Whether you are reading, showering, bathing or meditating, the light languages ​​work deeply down to the quantum level and support you on your journey into the 5th dimension.

The dream trip is a gentle invitation to enter the realm of dreams or to treat yourself to a relaxing break from everyday stress. The recipe for the smoking is a special gift from me to you. I developed it specifically to make it easier for you to fall asleep and lucid dream.

Mixing this incense (preferably with a mortar) is not only an easy way to create a relaxing mood, but also a delight for your senses. It allows you to fully engage in the present moment and explore the different flavors and textures as you create your own personal blend.

In this bundle you will find:

  1. All is well! Archangel Michael's light language for deep relaxation - Audio Download : Immerse yourself in the calming light language of Archangel Michael. Its gentle humming tones and warm light language lead you into a deep state of relaxation in which you can leave behind everything that is bothering you.

  2. Calming in the Storm: Light Language for Relaxation in Stressful Times - Yeshua (Jesus Christ) - Audio Download : Yeshua's powerful light language helps you let go of tension and bring your energy system back into balance. His light codes are filled with confidence and power to guide you into calm and ease.

  3. An ode to silence - light language for inner peace - Sirius A - Audio Download : The light language of Sirius A removes blockages and brings your energy body back into strength and balance. Accompanied by gentle rain and the rumble of thunderstorms, this language of light creates an atmosphere of security and inner peace.

In addition to these loving light languages, you will receive:

  • Magical Star Flight: A mystical dream journey to the stars - Audio Download : This magical fantasy journey gently takes you into the infinite expanses of the universe. Colorful star nebulae surround you and invite you to discover mystical adventures that touch your soul. Feel the peace and quiet of the infinite expanses of space as you immerse yourself comfortably and well-being in the fascinating world of dreams.
  • A 15% discount voucher for a soul balm session, regardless of the price chosen for this session - PDF Download: This 90-minute, high-energy session opens the door to your inner wholeness and supports you on your steady ascension to the 5th dimension. Optionally including two light language activations.

  • A recipe for the beautiful incense mixture Traumweber - PDF Download : Create your own relaxing atmosphere with this incense mixture developed by me. Use it on an incense burner or on charcoal for restful sleep and deep relaxation. You can easily get the few smoking ingredients you need online.

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