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Magic of the Full Moon: Light Language for Deep Transformation and Inner Growth - Lyrans - Audio Download

Magic of the Full Moon: Light Language for Deep Transformation and Inner Growth - Lyrans - Audio Download

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The magic of the full moon

The full moon has always had a special attraction for us humans. The light of the full moon opens the gates to our subconscious and lets us look deeper into our inner world. Use this special energy of the full moon to carry out rituals for manifestation and letting go. It is a time to free yourself from old patterns and negative energies and to make room for new things; this language of light will help you with this.

The energy of the full moon

During the nights of the full moon, many people report having more intense dreams and clearer visions. The veils between the worlds become thinner and access to higher levels of consciousness becomes easier. These nights offer you an ideal opportunity to go deeper into yourself and promote your own spiritual growth.

Light language from the Lyran star system

To support this powerful time, I channeled a light language from the Lyran star system exactly at the time of the full moon and placed it in a loop of three to potentiate its effect.

This wonderfully gentle light language , accompanied by the sound of the sea and quiet meditation music , supports your body and mind in making the most of the intense energies of the full moon. It helps to open the gates to your subconscious and lets you look deeper into your inner world . The 15-minute light language, like all light languages, penetrates deep into your cells and your DNA and supports you in releasing old energetic blockages and thus bringing new positive energies into your life.

This light language can also help you if you can't sleep during the full moon or if you feel unwell. It harmonizes and brings your energies back into balance . In addition, it can have a calming effect and help you to center yourself during strong emotional fluctuations.

You can also use this light language outside of the full moon period to connect with the mystical energy and magic of a full moon night.

Duration of the audio file: 15 minutes

Application of the language of light

Sit in a quiet and relaxed environment, close your eyes and let the language of light work on you. Feel how it flows through you and helps you to absorb and transform the energy of the full moon. It is a powerful practice that can help you to look deeper into your inner world and promote your spiritual growth.

For more information and a deeper look into the magic of the full moon, check out my latest blog post: The Spell of the Full Moon: A Window into the Magic of Nature and the Human Spirit .

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