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Soul balm: energy harmonization for your soul - becoming whole and stabilizing in chaotic times - 90 min. session

Soul balm: energy harmonization for your soul - becoming whole and stabilizing in chaotic times - 90 min. session

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Soul balm: Energy harmonization for your soul - becoming whole & stabilization in chaotic times - 90 min. energetic session. Optionally including two light language activations

This 90-minute, high-energy session opens the door to your inner wholeness and supports you on your steady ascension to the 5th dimension.

🌟 The call of your soul: Chaotic conditions outside, illness, disharmony and sudden losses are often the desperate call of your soul, which urgently demands to be heard. When we let our egos guide us and ignore the voice of our soul, it sends us "wake-up calls" - a gentle plea that echoes in our energy field and then gradually increases. These wake-up calls initially appear as vague discomfort and can eventually not only affect your body and cause illness, but can also become noticeable in those around you.

🌟 Soul Balm & Energy Harmonization: Your soul longs to be heard. In this session we will delve sensitively into the messages of your higher self and soul and discover why external circumstances have manifested them in this way. I will gently strengthen and stabilize your energy field, working in your aura, your subtle astral bodies and the chakras to restore harmony and balance.

🌟 Light Codes & Light Language (Optional): During the energy harmonization process I will channel cosmic light codes in the form of a magical light language. This powerful energy will deeply support your journey to becoming whole and accelerate your inner transformation.

As an additional gift, after our session you will receive a personal audio file with another light language channeled especially for you, which is accompanied by gentle meditative music. She will help you walk your path to healing and wholeness with ease and joy.

🌟 Ascension to the 5th Dimension & Ascension Symptoms: We will also talk about what awaits us during the ascension to the 5th dimension. Because your body transforms step by step from a carbon-based body into a light body, triggered by a continuous increase in your body frequency. This condition can lead to so-called ascension symptoms, which we will also discuss in this session. You will learn how to recognize these and how you can lovingly integrate them into everyday life.

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