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Limitless Abundance and Wealth: Light Language for Magnificent Prosperity - Sulva, Lyran Cat Fairy - Audio Download

Limitless Abundance and Wealth: Light Language for Magnificent Prosperity - Sulva, Lyran Cat Fairy - Audio Download

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Limitless abundance and wealth: light language for wonderful prosperity - Sulva, Lyran cat fairy

Abundance and wealth mean that there is always enough of everything. A bit like the fairy tale of the table setting. When it comes to money, for example, it means that so much flows to you that you no longer have to worry about where you are going to pay the next bill. Money will flow to you, no matter what positive sources it comes from.

The fact that it doesn't do that is primarily our own fault, because what is shown on the outside only shows what is already present on the inside. If, for example, you think in terms of lack, you create the lack on the outside, because the universe interprets your "I need money" as "oh, you need money, that's right, I'll send you more situations in which you need money." But reprogramming this way of thinking can prove to be quite difficult, and often enough you try to think positively, only to fall flat on your face.

So when I asked my galactic team for help with the reprogramming, my cat fairy from the Lyra star system got in touch. She is actually abundance personified and therefore best suited for this tricky task. Light and cheerful, her light language first dissolves the blockages that stand between you and abundance. Then she happily sings her money song, which carries light codes of lightness and acceptance of abundance and draws money and abundance to you. Later, she reprograms your energy system for abundance and wealth and sets certain markers that ensure that you are ready to receive the abundance that is now coming. Because often enough, that is exactly what it is about.

We ask for money, but don't allow it to actually come. Because we expect it to come immediately. But direct manifestation is not standard on earth, or as the Abraham Hicks say - the earth reacts at a snail's pace. So it takes a while for abundance to manifest. That's why my Fairy has set these markers that activate programs in you in certain situations that will help you to be more patient and still remain open so that the money, abundance and prosperity can come. This light code transmission, accompanied by beautiful birdsong and light meditation music, conjures up a smile on your face with its ease. But don't underestimate it! Because despite its cheerful sound, like all light languages, it goes directly into your energy system on a quantum level.

So happily expect the best - you deserve it. This Light Language Transmission will help you with that. Incidentally, it is not only applicable to the topic of money, abundance also refers to love, health, happiness, food, a roof over your head, etc. I chose the topic of money simply because it affects most of us. But you can use this Light Language for all topics that have to do with abundance, prosperity and wealth. Listen to the Light Language as often as you can. Be happy about it, integrate it into your everyday life and just let the small and large miracles happen...

Audio file duration: 11 minutes

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