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Your path to inner healing: Yeshua's (Jesus Christ) light language for self-love - Audio Download

Your path to inner healing: Yeshua's (Jesus Christ) light language for self-love - Audio Download

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Your path to inner healing: Yeshua's (Jesus Christ) light language for self-love

The essence of self-love

Self-love means fully accepting yourself in all your diversity. In everyday life, self-love is shown by being gentle with yourself. Not immediately judging yourself if you have done something wrong or behaved in an unfavorable way.

The practice of self-love

Those who love themselves not only take care of their physical needs, but also their emotional ones. They have compassion for themselves, see what they need to stay balanced and take loving care of themselves. Only those who love themselves are capable of loving and accepting other people as they really are. If you don't love yourself, you will either put others above you or judge them.

The foundation of self-acceptance

A healthy balance is missing because you lack a healthy view of yourself, so you can't have that view of others either. That's why I asked Yeshua for a light language on this topic. Yeshua (aka Jesus Christ) helps you to accept yourself as you are in this gentle light language, carried by loving and compassionate energy. He helps you to see yourself as a whole, with all your positive aspects, and puts codes in your energy field that help you to become the best version of yourself and to feel feeling and joy for yourself again.

Deepening through repetition

The more often you hear this light language, the deeper its effect can be and you will suddenly notice that you are treating yourself more lovingly and gently in everyday life. Treat yourself to this beautiful light code transmission at least once a day.

Duration of the audio file: 8 minutes

The perfect harmony - your ideal complements:

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