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You can do it! Light Language for Courage and Determination - The Shaman - Audio Download

You can do it! Light Language for Courage and Determination - The Shaman - Audio Download

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You can do it! Light Language for Courage and Determination - The Shaman

Courage doesn't just mean overcoming fears or dangers, but also standing up for yourself. To take one's place in this world wisely and decisively. Courage is an admirable character trait that can be learned.

Because it not only means emotional strength and maturity, but also independent thinking and willingness to stand by your feelings. A beautiful saying goes: “Only those who are brave dare to show weakness.” Because he knows that showing his vulnerable side to the world doesn't take away from his inner strength, nor diminishes his wholeness.

But courage also means exceeding your self-imposed limits. To start new things and not hold on to the old. But to advance into the unknown step by step and not give up straight away when things get harder. For this Light Code Transmission I channeled a past self of mine that I affectionately call “The Shaman”. His transmissions are always very, very strong and give you exactly the power and strength to overcome your limits.

In order for the full power of this light language to come into play, he asked me to double his transmission and thus extend the recording. This means it gets past all your censors and can penetrate deep into your energy system to set the necessary codes for your positive change. This powerful light language helps you get on your feet. To give your life momentum again and overcome blockages that have been making your life difficult for a long time. At the same time, this light code transmission strengthens your courage, your self-confidence and your confidence so that you can finally be yourself and you no longer have to pretend just to be liked.

You will feel that many things suddenly become easier. The light language itself sounds very shamanic and is admittedly a bit special. Just listen to it more often and you will suddenly find that it becomes more familiar to you with every minute. It is accompanied by Indian flute music and quiet birdsong. In the background you can hear the gentle rumble of an approaching thunderstorm.

Audio file duration: 12 minutes

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