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Calming in the Storm: Light Language for Relaxation in Stressful Times - Yeshua (Jesus Christ) - Audio Download

Calming in the Storm: Light Language for Relaxation in Stressful Times - Yeshua (Jesus Christ) - Audio Download

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Calming in the Storm: Light Language for Relaxation in Stressful Times - Yeshua (Jesus Christ)

Everyday challenges

There are many moments in our everyday lives that literally cry out for calming down. Perhaps you have just become extremely upset about a situation or an encounter, or you are about to experience an event that worries you or the eventual outcome of which triggers negative feelings in you. Maybe you no longer know where your head is because of all the work and are on the verge of burnout inside. It can be anything, whether it's fear, stress, overwhelm, sadness or a huge anger in your stomach...

Light language as a helper

Whatever it may be, Yeshua can help you release your tension and bring your entire energy system back into balance in this short but crisp light code transmission.

The process of healing

He first begins with a gentle, calming language of light. This supports you in getting your breath back and breathing deeply; it helps you get into a state of acceptance and receiving a positive turn in your situation. Then his light language becomes very shamanic and powerful. In this phase of Light Language Transmission, Yeshua transmits light codes that are peppered with confidence and power into your energy field and into your cells, so that you can calmly and easily view the situation you are in right now and make it a good one for you and harmonious outcome.

Accompanying sounds

This wonderfully powerful transmission is carried by gentle birdsong and very calming meditation music. If you listen closely, you can even hear a happy stream bubbling in the background. Listen to Yeshua's Light Code transmission whenever you feel emotionally overwhelmed and simply let it play on a loop until you feel calm again.

Transfer details

Audio file duration: 8 minutes

The perfect harmony - your ideal complements:

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