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Star Sounds from Lyra: Your Spiritual Light Language Channeling Session with Sekhmet - 30 min.

Star Sounds from Lyra: Your Spiritual Light Language Channeling Session with Sekhmet - 30 min.

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Star Sounds from Lyra: Your Spiritual Light Language Channeling Session with Sekhmet

Not only am I a starseed from the Lyra star system, but I also act as an ambassador between this star system and the people. That's why it's a special pleasure for me to receive the energy of the Egyptian goddess Sekhmet for you and to transmit her wonderful vibration to you in her sensitive and really very special light language.

Why is Sekhmet from the Lyran star system?

Sekhmet explained to me in a channeling that she, like all other Egyptian deities, is an extraterrestrial being. It comes from the Lyra star system. The lyre - in English Lyra - is the cradle of all humanoid beings. The Vegas, the Pleiadian beings and the beings from Orion emerged from it, from there the other beings split off and became Zetas, Sirius and us - the people on earth.

That is why the Lyra star system is also called the cradle of humanity. The creatures from Lyra are known for their fearless desire to explore and their strength in dealing with the unknown. They carry a deep, indomitable will that is accompanied by extraordinary compassion and a big heart for those who have not yet found their way and are looking for support. Various beings exist within the Lyra star system, which I will discuss in more detail once I have had the opportunity to speak with them.

But now back to Sekhmet, our Egyptian deity. Originally worshiped as a goddess of war, Sekhmet emphasized that this is not the being she seeks to highlight. Her reputation arose when she told the Egyptians about the Orion Wars, in which she successfully led and won battles. The Egyptians at that time had numerous military conflicts. Therefore, they were keenly interested in Sekhmet's strategies regarding the Orion Wars. So it happened that they were more interested in Sekhmet's warlike side than in her message about how to end wars and how she had just as successfully brought about peace.

When I asked her how she would prefer to be perceived, her answer was:

She wants to be noticed and called upon for her love and compassion. In my many, many encounters with Sekhmet, I always felt her loving and caring presence. Her personality is extremely welcoming and pleasant.

By the way, her appearance corresponded exactly to the depiction that the ancient Egyptians made of her. After forty Earth years, she returned to the Lyra star system with her Lyran companions.

Her mission was to teach people how to expand their consciousness. Unfortunately, the people of that time were not ready for it. Instead, they worshiped Sekhmet and all other extraterrestrial beings as deities. This led to Sekhmet and the other beings withdrawing their influence from Earth, fearing that developments were heading in a problematic direction.

Because, back then, only a few people were able to see the extraterrestrials as spiritual teachers and accept their teachings. The majority preferred to keep a certain distance and worship the aliens as gods.

How Sekhmet supports you:

Sekhmet wishes to no longer be seen as just a goddess of war, but to be recognized for her love and compassion. However, if you find yourself in the midst of a conflict-filled situation, it is Sekhmet who can help you find peace again, because that is where her strength lies!

So if you find yourself in a negative downward spiral and urgently need support to get back on your feet, you can safely ask Sekhmet for support. She assured me that she is still there for all those people who call her and ask for help. She describes herself as an Egyptian deity and therefore deserves to be addressed respectfully.

However, she would also really appreciate it if you thought of her as a friend, someone you can pour your heart out to, someone you want to trust. Because then her warm-hearted, loving nature, for which she wants to be known, becomes apparent.

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