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Cosmic Mentors: Enlightening Light Language Channeling Session by the Blue Avians (30 Min)

Cosmic Mentors: Enlightening Light Language Channeling Session by the Blue Avians (30 Min)

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Cosmic Mentors: Enlightening Light Language Channeling Session by the Blue Avians

The Blue Avians is a group of non-physical consciousness who have a special interest in beings who are concerned with and want to advance the raising of consciousness in general, but particularly on Earth. They are particularly available to lightworkers and mediums to help them become better and clearer channels for high frequency entities. The Blue Avians have resided in the 12th dimension since the beginning of time.

They have never incarnated, but have retained their high frequency to provide advice and support to all beings who are on the threshold of something great. Her dedication to helping is the essence of her life. Although they have no physical form, they occasionally manifest themselves as blue, human-like bird creatures. When I met them, they appeared to me to be about 3 meters tall, extremely slender creatures with a slightly angular head covered with fine blue feathers.

Long, slightly darker, blue feathers stretched above her head. Their round, large eyes are yellow and they have a yellow bird's beak. Two arms with clawed hands and slender legs with equally clawed feet complete her appearance. The Arcturian Council explained to me that they actually have no name of their own. We humans chose the name “Blue Avian” to appeal to them.

How the Blue Avians support you through this transmission of light codes:

The Blue Avians are a significant aid to your spiritual development. They particularly emphasize the importance of service to humanity. Therefore, they are happy to assist lightworkers, mediums and healers - people who have placed themselves at the service of humanity and focus on expanding the consciousness of the collective human being and returning their fellow human beings to their own strength.

During this session the Blue Avians will send you all the activations and downloads you need to find your inner strength, for example to become a clear channel for high frequency entities. They are extremely friendly and I really enjoy working with them.

This session is also suitable for you if you feel blocked on a spiritual level, are not making progress in meditation, or are seeing little progress in your spiritual practice. No matter the topic, this session is right for you as long as it is about serving humanity from the heart. I cordially invite you to just try out the session. You won't be disappointed...

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