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Cosmic Impulses: Inspiring Light Language Channeling Session with Our Neighbors from Andromeda (30 Min)

Cosmic Impulses: Inspiring Light Language Channeling Session with Our Neighbors from Andromeda (30 Min)

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Cosmic Impulses: Inspiring Light Language Channeling Session with our Neighbors of Andromeda

The Andromeda Galaxy, also known as Messier 31 or M31, is a spiral galaxy located in close proximity to the Milky Way. It is relatively close to Earth and belongs to the Local Group of galaxies, which also includes the Milky Way. The Andromeda Galaxy is the most distant object that can be seen with the naked eye and is one of the most recognizable objects in the night sky. This galaxy is home to an immense number of stars, numbering in the billions. Its diameter extends over about 220,000 light years.

Because of its impressive size, the Andromeda Galaxy is the dominant member of the Local Group and exerts a gravitational pull on surrounding galaxies, including the Milky Way. This cosmic neighborhood is home to various types of entities that exist within the Andromeda Galaxy.

My spiritual teachers, who introduced themselves as residents of the Andromeda star system, are of imposing stature, with an estimated height of around 2 to 2.30 meters. Her skin appears almost porcelain white, and her long hair shines the same color. They remind me of the elves from the film "The Lord of the Rings". In a dialogue with the Andromeda Council of Light, I learned that the average height of most Andromeda residents is actually between 2.30 and 3.10 meters. Their skin shimmers in a beautiful light blue, they are slim and usually have light brown hair. Her big, round eyes shine.

Despite their impressive stature, they move smoothly and effortlessly. These highly intelligent beings have analytical minds and are always striving to grow at all levels of knowledge. There is never too much knowledge! This sentence could come from an Andromeda being. Nevertheless, they are not top-heavy but live in harmony with their hearts and feelings.

This fascinating balance makes them empathetic teachers. They use their immense power and strength to lead anyone who lets them into their hearts back to their own potential. Another bright aspect that the Andromeda Council of Light highlights is their devotion to the beautiful, creative side of life.

Artistic expression plays a central role in the everyday life of the Andromeda creatures - be it through colors, music, clothing or the innovative way of designing their food. Your pride in this creative practice creates a harmonious world in which each individual can express themselves and thereby grow.

The support of the Andromeda beings through this light code transmission:

Like all high vibrational extraterrestrial beings, Andromeda beings are exceptionally empathetic. You can sense and feel exactly where your “shoe” is pressing. If you are more stuck in your head than in your feelings and you find it difficult to switch off your analytical thinking or your thinking at all for just a few seconds, the beings from the Andromeda star system can help you to reconnect with your heart and thus with your feelings.

Sometimes you move in a never-ending loop, ponder without interruption, can hardly think clearly and can't fall asleep at night because of all the pondering. This is exactly where Andromeda comes in, with their powerful yet subtle vibration they help you regain balance. To feel yourself clearly again, to stop pondering in order to be able to face your everyday life calmly and serenely again.

They also serve as great helpers when you are overwhelmed by emotions and are in danger of losing your bearings. In moments when you may not even be able to name what you are feeling but it just feels painful, her light language gives you clarity. Suddenly you will understand what needs to be worked on, why you feel this way, and how you can get back into a comfortable direction despite the chaos in your feelings.

If you have a teaching role or a job in which clear and extensive speaking is important - where one's own opinion must be clearly expressed - the Andromeda energies support you in developing your individual expression. You will find your own path, express yourself clearly and precisely and live your truth.

If you want to discover or deepen your artistic inclination and are unsure how to best express and develop yourself in the creative field, connecting with the Andromeda beings will help bring out your strengths in this area.

For those who wish to express themselves through art, cooking, music, colors or clothing, the connection with Andromeda is invaluable. In this session they will offer you exactly the input you need to develop your full power in this area.

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