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An Ode to Silence - Light Language for Inner Peace - Sirius A - Audio Download

An Ode to Silence - Light Language for Inner Peace - Sirius A - Audio Download

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An Ode to Silence - Light Language for Inner Peace - Sirius A

Inner peace means being completely in the here and now and in harmony with yourself and the world. You are aware of your position not only in relation to yourself but also in relation to the world itself and you relax into your own life. Inner peace is by no means a passive state, but rather comes about through reconciling and accepting one's own shadows and the events of the external world. If I am at peace within myself, I am in harmony with life and cannot be thrown off track so quickly. If I ever lose my balance, the inner peace helps me to quickly find my own strength again.

The beings of Sirius are known for their balance and inner strength. That's why I asked her for a light language that not only removes all blockages and programs within you that literally take away your peace and drive you to self-condemnation and dissatisfaction, but the light language should also bring your energy body back into strength and balance.

As is usually the case when Sirius is channeled, they sing their light language and mix toning and speaking with each other, as is the case in this recording, which is accompanied by gentle rain and the rumble of a thunderstorm. They asked me to choose exactly this “background music” because the rain supports their light language by washing your energy body clean. In this case, thunderstorms initiate positive changes, give strength and confidence and at the same time provide a cozy feeling of security. Just imagine you are in a very cozy hut, singing your song while it is raining and thundering outside.

This brings us to a tip from the Sirians - if you want their light language to work even faster, you are welcome to sing along, it doesn't have to be good, it can be weird and crooked, it's about the potentiation that comes from your singing along happens. They explained to me that the light language and its light codes are then amplified 100-fold. Of course you don't have to sing, the light language still has its effect, it's just a tip because we humans are known for our impatience 😉

Audio file duration: 9 minutes

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