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Harmony of the Cosmos: Light Language to Activate Your Light Body - Yeshua, Lyrans, Andromeda - Audio Download

Harmony of the Cosmos: Light Language to Activate Your Light Body - Yeshua, Lyrans, Andromeda - Audio Download

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Harmony of the Cosmos: Light language to activate your light body

This beautiful light language, first transmitted by Yeshua (Jesus Christ), is the key to expanding your consciousness and activating your energetic light body. It connects you to the divine unity of Source and brings the purest essence of love and light into your life.

When your light body is activated by these cosmic light codes, you feel alive and radiant. This harmony and power connects your soul with divine abundance. This lightbody activation is gentle and pure, allowing your energies to flow freely, releasing blockages and clearing illusions. Your mind becomes clearer, your heart opens, and your inner wisdom guides you through your life from now on.

Directly after Yeshua, the cat beings from the Lyra star system express their activation codes in the form of their beautiful, poetic light language that is full of wisdom and grace. They expand your consciousness and open your heart with their powerful and elegant presence.

The beings of Andromeda complete this beneficial transmission. Their technical frequencies support the connection to your higher self and allow you to enter new dimensions of understanding and harmony.

This light language activation is a unique experience designed to activate and strengthen your energetic light body. Enjoy them whenever you want to advance on your spiritual path and deepen your connection with the universe.

Be touched by this sacred transmission accompanied by oriental duduk music and experience the transformation it can bring about in your life.

Audio file duration: 7 minutes

Let yourself be inspired by my latest blog post about this language of light and discover how this ancient language of light can expand your consciousness and make your inner light shine.:

Light Language: Your key to universal connection and activation of your light body

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