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Feline Lightbringer: Comfortable Light Language Channeling Session by the Feline Lyran Collective (30 min)

Feline Lightbringer: Comfortable Light Language Channeling Session by the Feline Lyran Collective (30 min)

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Feline Lightbringer: Comfortable Light Language Channeling Session by the Feline Lyran Collective (30 min)

I am a Lyran Starseed and am also one of the ambassadors between the extraterrestrial beings from the Lyra (Lyre) star system and humans. It is therefore a particularly great pleasure for me to channel the cat beings from the Lyra star system for you and to support you with their light language.

Who are the cat creatures from the Lyran star system?

The lyre, or lyre in English, is the cradle of all humanoid beings. From her emerged the Vega beings, the Pleiadians and the beings from Orion. From there, other beings split off and became Zetas, Sirius beings and us - the people on Earth. For this reason, the Lyra star system is also called the cradle of humanity.

All Lyran beings are known for their fearlessness and for exploring the unknown. They have a very strong will, coupled with exceptional compassion and a big heart for those who have not yet found their way and need support. There are various beings from the Lyra star system, which I will discuss in more detail after I speak with them.

Now back to the fascinating cat creatures. During the conversation I noticed her self-confidence and warmth. They are extremely pleasant creatures. They call their home planet Playnar, but many of the cat creatures also live on Vega, the largest planet in their star system. On all planets there are three different types of cat beings: the pure cat beings, the Pleynar cat beings and the humanoid cat beings.

Their diet varies depending on the dimension. In the lower dimensions (3rd and 4th) they still consume small animals, but also feed on a variety of fruits, vegetables and grass. In dimensions 5 to 6 they are exclusively vegan. Their lifestyle is fundamentally different from our familiar social structure, in which a government (at best) ensures order.

This is not necessary for them. Since they see themselves as a unit, they live harmoniously and always strive for the highest unity (oneness). To put it literally: "We consider ourselves one, in service to the One" (the Source - what we call God). Therefore, there is always abundance for everyone. Money does not matter; Everyone contributes to the community with their skills and therefore all needs are automatically met. Everyone is taken care of. Poverty and hunger do not exist.

Everyone serves everyone in the best possible way. The cities are characterized by their low buildings and are extremely clean and pure. Artistic expression is in the foreground. There are theaters, places with music and dancing, and numerous restaurants. Their energy supply is based on sustainable, clean energy that does not harm their planet. Crime does not exist because everyone lovingly cares for each other.

During the channeling so far I have seen three species of cats from the Lyra star system. A friend from my galactic team appeared to me as a blue, slim cheetah with large green spots, Sekhmet appeared to me as a lioness in humanoid form (I have been close friends with her since my time in Vega, she is also a teacher of mine) and my humanoid ones Cat lovers, also from my galactic team. They were very large, wore blue-gray nano-suits, and had human-like faces with cat-like features.

Their skin was as delicately hairy as that of a peach, the hair on their heads was long and combed back. Their appearance was characterized by their almond-shaped eyes and cat-like noses, although their mouths were smaller compared to humans. And yes – they purr. Similar to our cats, purring serves to calm and strengthen the connection to the being that emits the purr.

How the cat creatures support you:

Independence and freedom, coupled with a large portion of relaxation and well-being, are one of the central focuses of cats - and not just Lyra, by the way. That's why they offer support on all topics related to spirituality, freedom, independence, creativity, enjoyment and relaxation.

As cats, they are naturally freedom-loving and value their independence. Their high creativity and joy in living life to the full are reflected in the way they can awaken certain qualities in you through their light language.

If you feel trapped in a hamster wheel without finding a way out, if the daily grind makes life pass you by and you have the impression that your life is slipping by - as you rush from one task to the next and have no time for yourself find your needs - then the cat creatures are exactly the right contacts for you. They not only help you recognize old, limiting patterns, but also support you in letting go of them.

Because they show you your true purpose and encourage you to take new paths. If you no longer feel comfortable in relationships with other people, be it with your partner or your family and friends, and you don't see a way out of these connections in a pleasant and respectful way - even in these The Feline Lyrans can help you immensely in situations.

They show you the way to relaxation so that you can hear the song of your soul again. Even in creative areas such as art and music, they provide you with inspiration should a creative block arise in your artistic work. They happily act as your muse.

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