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Your Journey to the 5th Dimension: A Mini Course on Soul Transformation - 81 min.

Your Journey to the 5th Dimension: A Mini Course on Soul Transformation - 81 min.

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Your Journey to the 5th Dimension: A Mini-Course for Soul Transformation


Enjoy a wonderful, transformative journey with this exciting 81-minute mini video course that reveals the deep secrets of ascension into the 5th dimension. Be enchanted by the magic of your soul, discover its origins and understand why you are here on Earth.

Course contents

In this course you will learn:

  • The wondrous journey of your soul and its cosmic origins
  • Why and how you found your way to Earth
  • The spiritual reasons for the state of the earth
  • The challenges and issues you may face on your path to advancement
  • The meaning and background of the Ascension symptoms and much more ...

Channeled light language

At the end of this course, you will receive a powerful, channeled language of light that will help you ride the wave of Ascension with ease. This cosmic language of light will stabilize and support you in challenging times and encourage you to continue on your spiritual path with confidence.

Bonus material

In addition to this magical video course , you will receive as a gift:

  • The light language channeled in the video as a download file , to listen to and experience again and again.
  • The video excerpt of the channeling so you can see and feel it again visually.
  • The inspiring eBook "Listening to the Language of Light"

Purchasing the course

With your purchase, you acquire the right to watch this transformative video at any time on my YouTube channel and to be touched again and again by the wisdom and love it contains.

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