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Your personal ET contact: How to prepare yourself – Essence video with MP3 - 45 min.

Your personal ET contact: How to prepare yourself – Essence video with MP3 - 45 min.

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Your personal ET contact: How to prepare yourself – Essence video with MP3

Discover the possibilities

Are you ready to open a door to new dimensions? In 45 exciting minutes I will take you on a journey of preparation and understanding how you can prepare and open yourself to personal contact with extraterrestrial beings. This is an invitation to explore the deepest secrets of the universe and establish a direct, personal connection to the stars.

What can you expect in this video?

Part 1: Preparation and understanding

I will guide you through the essential steps necessary to create an environment conducive to ET contact. Find out which mental and spiritual preparations are essential to be perceived by extraterrestrial beings. We will discuss the importance of an open and receptive attitude and how important it is to go into this process without prejudice or expectations. I will also explain in detail how and why the ETs decide when someone is ready for personal first contact and how you can best support this preparation.

Part 2: Light Language Channeling

Experience me channeling three sequential light languages, specifically designed to raise your vibration and prepare you for contact. These sessions are interspersed with breathing techniques to help you integrate the energy of each light language more deeply.

What do you get?

  • The full essence video: Over 45 minutes of in-depth insights and instructions, divided into talk and channeling parts.
  • MP3 of the Light Languages: Three recordings of the channeled Light Languages, including the accompanying breathing techniques, so that you can listen to and practice them at any time.
  • Three power cards: Inspiring cards in postcard format to print out, which remind you daily of your goal of meeting the ETs and what you have learned.
  • Transformation task: A practical exercise that helps you to deepen what you have learned and to actively work on your readiness for ET contact.

Are you ready for the next step?

With this essence video I offer you the opportunity to grow on a spiritual level and prepare yourself for one of the most profound experiences of your life. Enjoy the world of the unknown and let your inner light shine, ready for the contact that will expand your understanding of reality and possibility.

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