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Undoubted Certainty - The Lyrans, Pleiadians, Andromedans - Audio Download

Undoubted Certainty - The Lyrans, Pleiadians, Andromedans - Audio Download

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Undoubted certainty - The Lyrans, Pleiadians & Andromedans

Certainty means being absolutely free from any doubt, being unshakably and firmly convinced that something is true - such as: B. the outcome of a certain thing or the knowledge that you will do or achieve something specific 100% well. It is the unshakable belief in yourself, in your own knowledge and your own abilities.

Because only when I have certainty can I be unshakable in my views or in what I am doing. However, there are situations in which, unfortunately, you are not at all sure that your opinion is correct, that the decision you have to make will be correct, or that you can assess a situation well and soberly. That's why I asked all ETs from higher dimensions for a light language that would restore self-confidence and certainty. Three ET groups spoke up.

With their light language, the Pleiadians help you to dissolve self-imposed thought patterns that prevent you from believing in yourself. In their language of light, the beings of Andromeda give you clarity to see your situation as it appears and to perceive your views clearly and soberly and to be able to correct them if necessary. The Lyrans enchant with light codes that make you confident and provide the necessary foresight so that you can confidently deal with any situation that presents itself to you.

This light language sounds very code-like and by no means as melodic and gentle as e.g. B. the light languages ​​of the Feline Lyrans. Nevertheless, it has its own charm and, like all light languages, penetrates deeply into your energy system. It is accompanied by wonderful meditation music, accompanied by the quiet chirping of crickets.

Always listen to her when you are unsure, when you want clarity about a situation and simply want to be certain again that everything is or will be okay. Our star friends are so happy to help you, just let it happen, there's nothing more to do. 😊

Audio file duration: 8 minutes

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