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Ambassadors of Light: Light Language Channeling Session by the Arcturian Council, 9th Dimension (30 Min)

Ambassadors of Light: Light Language Channeling Session by the Arcturian Council, 9th Dimension (30 Min)

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Ambassadors of Light: Light Language Channeling Session by the Arcturian Council, 9th Dimension (30 Min)

The Arcturian Council is my spiritual guide with whom I have been in regular contact for many years. I know her from previous lives in which we lived together on Arcturus. Therefore, have a deep love for them and feel an extremely strong connection to their energies. The Arcturian Council is a constant source of support to me and to anyone who seeks their help.

They are dedicated to releasing energetic, psychological and physical trauma using their healing light language. Her primary intention is to help you heal old wounds and regain your inner strength. They act as a catalyst for your awakening to reveal to you that you are the creator of your own reality. The focus of her teachings is on developing your "higher self" so that you can authentically, confidently and powerfully shape your reality according to your heart's desires.

These wonderful spiritual teachers are always ready to take action as soon as you ask for their support. Her presence is characterized by gentleness and unconditional love. As masters of creation, energy work, and powerful healers, they are able to bring about significant transformation. It is they who decide which souls are allowed to incarnate on earth. No being can incarnate without first passing through the Arcturian Gate.

Arcturians are not only great teachers, but also our greatest supporters. They accompany us and our planet in this time of ascension to the 5th dimension by providing their wisdom and energy.

What is her appearance?

The Arcturians below the 9th dimension are blue in color. With their large, almond-shaped eyes and three fingers, they have a beautiful appearance. Her stature is rather small and slim. Due to their light bodies, they no longer eat food, unlike our usual species. The Arcturians of the 9th dimension already consist mainly of pure consciousness and therefore no longer require a physical body.

Interesting facts about the star Arcturus:

Arcturus, also known as Alpha Boötis, is the brightest star in the constellation Boötes (the Guardian of the Bear). It is one of the most striking stars in the night sky and is one of the brightest stars ever. Here are some important properties and information about Arcturus:
  1. Brightness and Visibility: Arcturus is a striking star and can be easily spotted in the sky. With an apparent magnitude of about -0.05 mag, it is brighter than most stars we can see from Earth. Arcturus is most visible during the spring and summer months in the Northern Hemisphere.
  2. Constellation: Arcturus lies in the constellation Bootes, often referred to as the "Guardian of the Bear." This constellation represents the Bear Guardian from Greek mythology, who appears to guide the Great Bear around the celestial pole.
  3. Spectral and Color: Arcturus is a red giant, meaning it is in an advanced phase of stellar evolution. Its surface temperature is lower than that of the Sun, which contributes to its reddish color.
  4. Distance: The distance from Earth to Arcturus is approximately 37 light years. This means that the light we see from Arcturus today took about 37 years to get to us.
  5. Size: Arcturus is significantly larger than our sun. Its diameter is estimated to be about 25 times the diameter of the Sun

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