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Cloud-Soft Tenderness: Sekhmet's Light Language for Unconditional Love - Audio Download

Cloud-Soft Tenderness: Sekhmet's Light Language for Unconditional Love - Audio Download

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Cloud-soft tenderness: Sekhmet's light language for unconditional love

Unconditional love feels cloud-soft and tender. It means being loved without conditions, being loved simply for existing. No matter who you are, no matter what you have done or are currently doing, no matter what you look like, no matter what you say, no matter what you think. Whatever happens, you are loved infinitely. This form of love is the source - divinity itself and therefore the strongest force in the universe. In the light of unconditional love nothing negative can exist, we exist from unconditional love, we return to unconditional love.

As I spoke long and deeply with Sekhmet about this topic, I asked her for a light code transmission that opens our hearts to receive unconditional love. Because when we began to incarnate on Earth, we agreed to have our heart chakra closed down to a few percent. Because only in this way is it possible for our soul to experience and live the dark aspects of our being. But now it's time to open the heart chakra, to open up to the love that we long for deep down, which gives us the feeling of being completely accepted, no matter what happens. Then our soul can heal...

What awaits you?

Sekhmet gently opens your heart chakra with her beautiful light language so that you can finally receive and feel the unconditional love that flows from the source (God), the archangels, the beings from the highest dimensions. She lovingly removes blockages in your energy system and envelops your aura with the cloud-soft feeling of being accepted.

This tender light code transmission is carried by gentle birdsong, a cheerful stream and relaxing meditation music. Listen to it whenever you want to feel protected, loved and secure - but also when you are going through a time when it is difficult for you to be able to love.

Audio file duration: 7 minutes

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