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Aquatic Star Sounds: Light Language Channeling Session from the Depths of the Sirius Star System (30 min.)

Aquatic Star Sounds: Light Language Channeling Session from the Depths of the Sirius Star System (30 min.)

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Aquatic Star Sounds: Light Language Channeling Session from the Depths of the Sirius Star System

The beings of Sirius come from the distant star system Sirius. In this magical star system we encounter a wealth of diverse entities that inhabit Sirius A and Sirius B. Some of them have a striking human-like shape, while others are only perceptible to us as energetic presences, others appear in the form of water creatures, such as. B. Whales or dolphins appear in front of us. The water beings of Sirius originate from Sirius B, a brilliant white dwarf star in the constellation Canis Major that is made entirely of water. The blue-skinned human-like Sirius beings live on Sirius A - a water and land planet, as do the humanoid and titanic beings that also originate from Sirius.

Interestingly, the Sirius creatures also include mermaids, who have strong similarities to La Sirene, who is worshiped in voodoo. The dolphins and whales on our earth are the messengers of Sirius, representing its essence. During a conversation with the High Council of Wise Men from the Sirius star system, they explained to me that the "average humanoid beings" of this system are over 2 meters tall, with blue, almond-shaped eyes, blonde hair and light blue skin.

All beings from the distant realm of Sirius are able to look deep into the souls of each individual. Her reputation rests on her immense kindness and unconditional empathy. They see themselves as inextricably linked to the original source of creation and are therefore true master teachers in the field of spirituality. All Sirius beings have a strong connection to water, so you will find their energy gentle and refreshing.

In this wonderful session, active light codes flow into your energy field from the Sirius Collective, which you can download at your leisure whenever you are ready. In times of unrest they give you harmony and peace, and they strengthen your inner strength and self-confidence. This not only heals your soul, but also your physical body. Their light language and the harmonious tones they create often develop into beautiful melodies.

How do the Sirius beings support you in this transmission of living light codes?

The beings of Sirius are characterized by extraordinary empathy. They capture even the finest nuances of your soul and are happy to assist you with all matters of healing and harmony. Their living light codes penetrate every cell in your body and help restore balance. Their reputation as one of the friendliest entities in our galaxy is well known, and their hospitality is legendary.

Gentleness and love are among their outstanding character traits, and their joy knows no bounds when called upon. I have a very close relationship with the beings from Sirius and have already spent several lives in this star system before my incarnation on this earth. Your light code transmissions are wonderful!

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