Sekhmet "Ägyptische Gottheiten sind alle extraterrestrische Wesen"

Sekhmet "Egyptian deities are all extraterrestrial beings"

Sekhmet, known as a war goddess and healer in Egyptian mythology, contacted the Arcturian Council when I wanted to know who among the ETs would like to be featured in my shop next.

I admit I was a little surprised. The Arcturians laughed and said cheerfully: "Well, she is a cat creature from the Lyran star system, she is an extraterrestrial being and since you are an ambassador between the Lyrans and the humans, that fits perfectly."

A few weeks later the time had come and I was able to channel her through Daniel Scranton.


Have fun reading! So that you get a complete picture, I am passing on the interview almost unabridged, including my personal questions. I just leave out the usual small talk that happens at the beginning. I write my questions in black, your answers in purple. Since we speak of Lyrans in English and I used this in the shop, I stuck with the English version of the name.

Channeling with Sekhmet

I'm Sekhmet and it's an honor to speak with you.

The honor is all mine!


Now comes small talk... in which I also ask if I can make a light oil, light spray, light powder and light salts for contact with her.

There was an enthusiastic “Yes, of course!”


What dimension are you in right now?

I am in the 7th dimension.


Egyptian records describe exactly what you looked like and how people imagine you. You are depicted as a human being with a lion's head. The Arcturians told me you are from the Lyra star system. So am I correct in assuming that you lived in physical form as an extraterrestrial being in Egypt?

Yes, that's actually how I showed up back then. It was important for the Egyptians then not only to perceive but to experience - and importantly see - that all life on earth was valuable, including cats, dogs and amphibians. All the different forms of life have a meaning and a purpose. Therefore, we simply showed ourselves in our natural form, which we had adopted back then in the Lyra star system.


Did you come to Earth in a spaceship or were your Lyran parents already on Earth when they gave birth to you? Or did you come to Earth all alone in a spaceship?

Yes, I came with other Lyrans in a ship, in a spaceship. By this time I was already an adult and ready to impart wisdom to the Egyptians.


How did you find life on earth, was it stressful or did you like it?

We loved being on earth, we found it fascinating. We found it very entertaining to observe the human race. It was also very enlightening, because by observing people and their interaction with the plants and animals, we were able to understand ourselves better.


So you weren't homesick or anything like that?

No, I knew I could return home if I wanted to, and I eventually did. It's kind of like going on vacation. When you're on vacation, you don't long for Germany because you know you'll come back home at some point. That's how it was for me too.


What did you enjoy most during your time here on Earth?

In fact, it was all about the people I met and got to know because through them I was able to see our source, the origin of all existence. It is really very easy to see the Source aspect in every person. It shows itself through your body, through the words and actions, through the thoughts that every person radiates. We also saw in the Egyptians their hopes and dreams, the aspirations they had for themselves. We also realized how much the Source wanted to express itself through them, how much it wanted to get the Egyptians to see themselves as part of the Source, as an embodiment of the Source itself, and to fully and completely recognize that we all come from one Source.


I read that you were also worshiped as a war goddess. How did you get to this powerful position? Why are people saying this about you?

People ask me about my past. And at that time, the history of the Lyrans was not so clean and not so pure. And I was honest with them and told them e.g. B. also our stories and encounters that we had, for example, with the beings from the Orion star system. I reported on how we fought in the Orion Wars and how successful I was in my campaigns within the Orion Wars.

And although we also taught the Egyptians how we had all restored peace, namely by raising our state of consciousness and the enlightenment that came with it, they focused more on the battles and how successful I was in fighting the Orion beings than They tried to take over our star system by attacking it.

The Egyptians, of course, because of their nature, sometimes felt the need to protect themselves, to protect their families, to protect their community. So they focused more on my martial aspect.


I find your presence very nurturing and motherly. It would never occur to me to associate you with war.

Well, we ALL have many, many aspects of who and what we are, and all of these experiences should be had - by me and by everyone else involved. That's why they are a part of who I am today, even if I have these parts, such as: B. that of the warrior, I no longer use.


Well, you wouldn't be who you are today if you hadn't had these experiences and integrated them into your being.



What did you really look like in ancient Egypt?

The way I was portrayed. Like a humanoid creature with a lion's head.


How tall were you?

I was over two meters tall.


If I could look at you now with my physical eyes, would it be possible for me to see you or how would I perceive you?

You would perceive me as light.


Would it be a spherical light?

It would be an oval light rather than a spherical one. But I don't usually take the form of a body. However, if I want to be perceived as having a body, I can take the form of a body.


How do you perceive me at this moment as we speak to each other?

Mainly as the vibrations you emit when you speak, when you think, when you feel. I perceive them, I am able to receive them through Daniel's senses and can then understand you through them.


Do we know each other personally here on earth, perhaps from my time when I was high priestess in Egypt?

We were in Egypt at the same time, but we didn't know each other.


So I was dealing with extraterrestrial beings at that time?

Yes that is correct.


Can you tell me more about my incarnations in ancient Egypt? I know that I was a high priestess, among other things, but I don't know much about my life there.

Well, you had every kind of life you could imagine there. You have lived as a farmer, as a slave, as a high priestess, as a student of the master Horus and as a high priestess of Isis. You also had personal contact with Anubis.


That means Anubis was also an extraterrestrial being?

Yes, that was him. It was all of us.


How many years did you live among the people in Egypt? How many years have you generally spent on Earth?

I was on earth for 40 years. Then I returned home again. We realized that humanity was not yet ready to have access to all the powers that you carry within you. And we also felt like we had as much of a positive impact as we could have had. However, we also noticed that we were starting to have a negative influence on people because we were being worshiped as gods instead of being seen as teachers. Just like it happened to Jesus a few thousand years later.


People still call you as a goddess today, do you feel when they ask you for help? And are you still helping them?

Yes, I feel when I'm called. I am still available to help because I still feel connected to the earth and people and want to help in any way I can.


If someone wants to contact you today, what are your skills that you want to be known and valued for?

My ability to love, give and show compassion. These are the skills I would like to be known for.


That's nice, so I can correct your historical version of the war goddess and introduce people to the new, actual version of you.

Yes, because you can be good at something, but you don't want to use that ability if it isn't a good expression of what and who you really are at that moment.


Have you had any challenges with us humans here on Earth? I ask because I suspect that we may behave a little differently than your friends from the Lyran star system.

Oh yes, you actually do, and it is quite a challenge to know how best to help and how much to give.


What is the biggest difference between Lyrans and humans?

You haven't had as many positive experiences to remind you that you are all aspects of Source. In other words, you have made things harder for yourself by hiding your gifts and abilities.

Likewise, you have hidden your feelings and connection to Source from yourself. Which makes it harder for you to be true to yourself and therefore also to be honest with everyone else and with your position within the relationship with other living beings.

So you are backwards in this regard from an evolutionary perspective (which is in no way meant to be judgmental). You show us this in the way some people treat each other, and also in the way you isolate yourself from each other and don't want to connect with everyone. That is a very big difference between us.

For example, we connect with each other much more often than you do with each other. It would be good for you if you would open up to us and all the higher dimensional beings. This would make it very easy for you to feel heart-centered and how you want to feel when you contact us. But it would also be very good for you if you connected with other people.


What is the most interesting thing you enjoy observing here on Earth RIGHT NOW?

Your creativity, your art forms, the way you create music, art, sculptures, films, other stories, it's very interesting. Very interesting.


I would like to know a little more from you personally. Would you like to tell us something about yourself that you find funny or interesting for us?

Well, we are all very, very curious! Just like your cats are. We always want to discover new things, always find out new things about ourselves, about our galaxy and about the universe. We want to know new beings, beings that exist in other forms, that represent other expressions of our Source. We are very interested in getting in touch with other beings and connecting with them. Because this means we not only feel their connection to the source but also our own.


What do you think is my greatest ability here on earth and why?

You are someone who makes what many consider fantastic and far from this world accessible. Someone who anchors and grounds these forces in the physical, thereby enabling others to go where they want to go in terms of their spiritual development and their ability to connect with other beings.

Before you incarnated on Earth, you chose to be a bridge, a messenger. You form the bridge, you are the connection between different consciousnesses, beings, dimensions and worlds.


Unfortunately, time is about to run out. Is there anything else you would like to say to humanity?

When you focus on being at peace with yourself and holding peace in your heart, you will be able to see more peace outside of yourself and in your relationships with other people. It is this peace and harmony that will bring you into the galactic community where you will be able to share and experience so much more with your ET friends. This is something you'll really enjoy once you get there.


I'm Sekhmet, and it was a pleasure!

Why is the text orange? Well, orange is the color of Feline Lyrans. 😊


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