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Soul Lights: Light Language to Deepen the Connection to the Oversoul - Yeshua - Audio Download

Soul Lights: Light Language to Deepen the Connection to the Oversoul - Yeshua - Audio Download

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Soul lights: language of light to deepen the connection to the oversoul

Yeshua's profound light language offers you an extraordinary spiritual experience that brings you closer to the connection with your oversoul. It conveys a warmth of heart that you have never felt before and makes you aware that you are much more than just your physical body - an indispensable, unique and valuable part of an immense whole.

The light codes channeled by Yeshua have a deep and transformative effect on your energy system. They awaken cellular memory and activate your DNA, not only creating a deeper connection to your oversoul, but also realizing your inextricable connection to the entire cosmos. You will be reminded of how every soul, every life path and every experience is interwoven, while each still retains its own uniqueness.

Listening to this light language heightens your awareness of your spiritual journey and the topics that are waiting for you to explore. It supports you in celebrating the uniqueness of your soul and paves the way for deeper communication with your oversoul. Allow yourself to be touched by this unique experience and discover a closer connection with the greater whole that you are.

This light language is intentionally recorded in a three-way loop, a format chosen by Yeshua to ensure that you listen to it long enough for its full impact to unfold. It is accompanied by relaxing Duduk music and can therefore also be listened to to help you fall asleep.

Audio file duration: 17 minutes

Note on a wonderful blog post:

If you have been inspired and touched by the healing frequencies and profound effects of my light language, I invite you to discover my detailed blog post on the Oversoul. Dive deeper into the fascinating concept of the Oversoul and learn how this eternal connection expands the understanding of your existence and your spiritual journey. My blog post offers you further insights and deepens the knowledge that can be experienced through the language of light. You can find this one here: Oversouls and Soul Families - the universal network of being.

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