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Dreams Become Reality: Light Language for Manifestation - Sekhmet - Audio Download

Dreams Become Reality: Light Language for Manifestation - Sekhmet - Audio Download

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Dreams Become Reality: Light Language for Manifestation - Sekhmet

Manifesting means making what you want or the desired situation visible and tangible in your own reality. This is done by adjusting your own frequency to the desired result. This will take you to the version of our Earth where the desired outcome is already manifest. As my extraterrestrial teachers have explained, the Law of Attraction is a bit of a misunderstanding.

You don't attract anything, but rather you glide to that reality that most closely matches your frequency. We live in a holographic universe, a multiverse, which consists of infinite layers and variations. There is (thanks to the source!) not only this one earth on which you have incarnated, but you constantly glide based on your frequency on earths that already accommodate a version of you that corresponds to the desired result.

Sekhmet's light language for manifestation

Sekhmet helps you manifest the life of your dreams with her beautiful light language. Their light codes support you in adjusting your frequency to your desired result so that you can glide into the corresponding reality. It reprograms you so that you can let go of everything that stands in the way of “manifesting” what you want.

At the same time, it helps you to be patient, because our reality reacts with a little delay, which can sometimes lead to you no longer believing that you can manifest what you want or that you will be able to gain a foothold in this desired reality .

Sekhmet's magical language of light is accompanied by gentle birdsong and quiet meditation music, which was simultaneously accompanied by Solfeggio 417 Hz - Theta 8 Hz frequencies. Listen to it over and over again until you slip into that reality in which what you desire has manifested itself.

Audio file duration: 7 minutes

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