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Purple Sparkle - Crystal Light Language for Amethysts - Audio Download

Purple Sparkle - Crystal Light Language for Amethysts - Audio Download

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Purple Sparkle - Crystal Light Language for Amethysts - Audio Download

This magical crystal light language takes you straight into the mystical realm of amethysts. Hidden deep in the earth, having grown over millions of years, these ancient souls have had time to develop their very own language. Your language is a symphony of vibrations, light and colors, the song of the crystals.

The amethyst light language channeled here helps your crystal/mineral come back into harmony. For many of the wonderful crystal beings suffered a deep, almost incurable shock when they were torn by human hands from the womb of the earth in which they had grown for eons. Use this crystal language to cleanse and harmonize your crystal on an energetic level, as well as to reactivate and recharge its inner power. A

As a stone speaker, I act as an ambassador between the worlds and am therefore also in connection with the light-filled crystal energies. That's why it's possible for me to channel this corresponding light language for your amethyst friends.

Audio file duration: 12 minutes

The message of the Amethyst Empire:

You can be sure of inner peace with us. Wear us on your body to strengthen your intuition, because with us you can see clearly and concentrate. We help you process everything you have felt and experienced. In your meditation we help you to completely relax and lead you deeper and deeper back to yourself. You are wonderful, just like we are!

This is how you awaken your amethyst:

Use this magical language of light to give your amethyst energetic cleansing and harmonization and to awaken and recharge its inner strength. To do this, place this recording next to your amethyst and play it over and over again while giving it time to change. Like all living things from the mineral and stone kingdom, amethyst also needs some time because it has grown over millions of years.

You will notice how it suddenly begins to sparkle and shine once it is activated. As you tune into the vibration of the crystal, you will feel warmth and a throbbing, almost like a heartbeat, emanating from the crystal. Treat your amethyst to this loving light language regularly and you will notice how it thanks you and shines with a powerful vibration.

Pamper yourself with the magical vibration of amethyst:

You can also use this magical light language for yourself to connect with the harmonizing frequency of the amethyst, absorb its message and let the healing energy of the crystal work within you. Simply listen to this light language as often as you like, let yourself be carried by its soft vibration and feel its positive effect on your energy field.

By the way, you don't need an additional amethyst to be able to let the light language and thus the vibration of the amethyst strike work within you. Because I have channeled this special light language for you directly from the amethyst realm - it corresponds to the purest and most original amethyst vibration that an amethyst would radiate if it remained safe in its warm womb on our earth.

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