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Unbound Soul: Lyran Light Language for Inner Freedom - Audio Download

Unbound Soul: Lyran Light Language for Inner Freedom - Audio Download

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Unbound Soul: Lyran Light Language for inner freedom

How often do you hold back from doing the things you really want to do just because you're afraid of the possible consequences? How often do you trade security for freedom instead of combining the two? It's time to put freedom first. Therefore, I asked the cat beings from the Lyra star system for their support.

Feline Lyrans are known for their independence and curiosity about new things. That's why they are the ideal candidates for this light code transmission. Gentle cat purring, quiet birdsong and dreamy piano music accompany this beautiful light code transmission from the Feline Lyrans. Her gentle language of light leads you deep back to yourself, to your center. It helps you remember what your soul really wants and calms your ego, which by nature doesn't really welcome change.

That's why the Lyrans speak directly to your heart and thereby dissolve blockages generated by your ego, your mind, so that everything stays as it is. So that the necessary changes in your life can and may finally take place, their light code transmission on a quantum level goes deep into your subconscious, deep into your cells and deep into your soul. During the transmission I felt the message and power of their light language: They explain to you that there are no limits, that it is only your mind and your ego that put all the obstacles in your way.

Nothing stops you from being yourself and following your own, free path. Every blockage begins in the head. Therefore, their light language goes directly past your ego and prepares you for a free, wonderful future! The first step has already been taken... Listen to this wonderful light code transmission as often as you like, it will do you good over and over again!

Audio file duration: 10 minutes

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