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Lightful embrace in dark hours: Light language for comfort - Feline Lyrans - Audio Download

Lightful embrace in dark hours: Light language for comfort - Feline Lyrans - Audio Download

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Luminous embrace in dark hours: language of light for comfort - The Feline Lyrans

We all know this condition only too well. Something happens in our lives that literally pulls the rug out from under us. We feel unsteadily confronted with our feelings and float on the ocean of grief or despair, like a ship without a steering wheel.

Consolation means giving someone exactly that support and the time so that the mental or physical pain can heal. Who is better suited than the cat creatures from the Lyran star system?

Her gentle language of light and her tender singing envelop you like a gentle hug, kissing your tears from your cheeks and giving you the confidence that this condition will soon pass. In this light code transmission, all of your cells and your entire energy system are flooded with light and unconditional love down to the deepest quantum level, so that what is burdening you can go and be released for healing.

You are not alone, all your spiritual helpers are there for you. Your spirit guides, your soul family, your galactic family, the Archangels and Ascended Masters and - of course, Source itself - are all carrying you through this challenging time.

You will feel it when you listen to this light code transmission, which is accompanied by gentle meditation music and calming waves of the sea. Simply listen to this wonderful Light Language Transmission as often as you like, it will give you more strength and confidence with each new listen.

Audio file duration: 10 minutes

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