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Through the Darkness to the Light: Comforting Light Language for Shadow Work - Andromedan CoL - Audio Download

Through the Darkness to the Light: Comforting Light Language for Shadow Work - Andromedan CoL - Audio Download

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Through Darkness to Light: Comforting Light Language for Shadow Work - Andromedan Council of Light

About shadow work

Each of us feels wonderful when we can put our best foot forward, express our skills and talents, and show our best face to the world. That's what we like about ourselves, that's what we want to show. This is how we want to be perceived. However, there are also traits of ours that make us less proud, that we may even be ashamed of or simply suppress so that we don't have to notice them.

These aspects are called the shadow self. Our dark side. The nice thing is – everyone has them. There is no light without shadows. There is no good and bad for your soul. For them there are only experiences, all of which are precious. It doesn't matter if your ego thinks it's completely wrong. For them it is important that both aspects of yourself are brought into balance. Because this is the only way you can decide which path you want to take. Only if you have brought your shadow sides into harmony and are not only aware of them, but have accepted them with love, can you develop spiritually.

Because then you have the choice. As Sekhmet once said to me so beautifully in a channeling: "Yes, because you can be able to do something, but you don't want to use that ability if it is not a good expression of what and who you really are at that moment." That's why shadow work is Indispensable for anyone who seriously wants to follow the spiritual path.

Shadow work light language

In this light code transmission, the Andromeda Council of Light awakens in you the ability not only to encounter your shadows, but also to accept and integrate them in love. Her light language, as always very code-like, goes deep into your entire energy system at the quantum level and supports your inner work on yourself. Because you know, it's ok if it's not ok at the moment. It's okay if you're sad, or angry, or have all the negative feelings in the world.

It's not about transforming them, but rather accepting them for what they are. Archangel Michael explained to me that your shadows are only integrated when they are not changed or transformed, but are accepted as they are and this works by not only allowing that it is ok when it is not ok at the moment, but rather fully feels the feelings that arise.

Complete means feeling it until it just goes away on its own. Physical symptoms usually appear afterwards, such as flu-like conditions etc., because the heavy energies are released through the body; these conditions usually disappear after a few hours or days.

This beautiful code-like light language from the Andromedan Council of Light supports you in this too. She will help you in the entire process of shadow work. At the beginning it helps you to be able to see the shadows in the first place, then to accept them, to live through them and finally to be able to integrate them into love. This wonderful light language supports you in all three phases.

Listen to them over and over again. Until you have gone through all three processes. If you like, you can then let Yeshua charge you with power and strength. Its wonderful light language “Power” recharges your energetic batteries.

Audio file duration: 9 minutes

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