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Finding Inner Peace: Sekhmet's Light Language for Loving Forgiveness (Yourself and Others) - Audio Download

Finding Inner Peace: Sekhmet's Light Language for Loving Forgiveness (Yourself and Others) - Audio Download

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Finding inner peace: Sekhmet's light language for loving forgiveness (yourself and others)

Forgiveness not only means seeing that you created each situation yourself, but also being grateful for the emotional, human and spiritual growth the situation you experienced led to. We always have the choice to see ourselves as victims - victims of situations, people and everything imaginable; or we put on the creator pants and realize that every situation will serve us positively, regardless of whether our ego is spinning as we read these lines.

We create our own lives, without exception. Based on our main frequency, which we send out through repeatedly repeating beliefs, we create situations and attract people into our lives who hold up a mirror to us and show us where shadow work is still appropriate. “Thank you for the shadow work I can do with you!” is a very helpful sentence in such situations because it resets you from victim mode to creator mode.

Forgiving doesn't just mean generally forgiving everyone who has hurt you, but first and foremost, forgiving means forgiving yourself for having created such a situation in the first place because of thoughts that have been nurtured over and over again. Forgiving yourself for getting in the way of people who hurt you with their behavior and make you feel worthless or angry. Offer?

Yes, because these are all reality offers that you don't have to accept. You have a choice about how you react to every situation. This is exactly what Sekhmet activates in her gentle but very powerful light language.

Sekhmet's light language for forgiveness

Sekhmet's beautiful, relaxing light language places light codes in your energy body that clearly convey to you that you are the creator of your reality, that you are stronger than you think and can create anything, absolutely anything, in your favor, no matter what it looks like at the moment. no matter what you cannot forgive yourself or others. With her light code transmission, Sekhmet releases hardenings from your aura field and chakras and brings them back into a healthy balance.

It also opens your heart chakra so that you can forgive yourself and others from the heart. Because only if you can forgive are you free. Otherwise you will carry the circumstance or the unpleasant person and their energies around with you every day. Sekhmet helps you let go, forgive and find yourself again so that you can continue on your path strengthened.

To initiate and facilitate change in a relaxed state, Sekhmet's beautiful light code transmission is carried by gentle meditation music and quiet birdsong and is also supported by Solfeggio 417 Hz and Theta waves 8 Hz.

Audio file duration: 10 minutes

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