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Laugh again! Light language for limitless happiness - Cat Fairy Sulva - Audio Download

Laugh again! Light language for limitless happiness - Cat Fairy Sulva - Audio Download

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Laugh again! Light language for limitless happiness - Lyran cat fairy Sulva

Pure joy and boundless happiness – who wouldn’t want to feel so sublimely comfortable all the time? Sulva, the cat fairy from my Galactic Team, comes from the Lyra star system. She loves to laugh and infect everyone who listens to her with her pure joy and so I thought she was the right candidate to activate joy in life.

This happy light code transmission, which is accompanied by birdsong and dreamy meditation music, will make you shine with joy again within a few minutes and increase your frequency to a very large extent within a very short time. My fairy is tiny, wears a little white dress and has a funny cat face. During the Light Code Transmission she showed me a picture of herself happily sitting on a large yellow flower and playing with her toes while talking to you.

Her light language is full of positive energy and it will quickly make you forget your everyday worries. If the sky is falling on your head and you have the feeling that you are stuck in your worries and no longer have any joy, then this transmission is exactly what will help you to happily go your way again. She literally makes the sun shine again. Her light language drives away negative energies in your aura field, fills your cells with light and at the same time activates your light body and your Feline Lyran DNA.

During her fit of laughter, tears of laughter ran down my cheeks and I felt the joy that she anchored in my energy field. Its light language should not be underestimated, no matter how cheerful it may seem, it is full of power and power that you will feel for a long time even after you have enjoyed the Light Code Transmission. Listen to this as often as possible, or better yet – start and end your day with this wonderful broadcast.

Audio file duration: 12 minutes

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